How To Promote & Create Hype For Your Brand New Café or Restaurant

How To Promote & Create Hype For Your Brand New Café or Restaurant

Getting ready to open your very own café or a restaurant means you have already poured significant amounts of proverbial blood, sweat, and tears into making your dream a reality.

There is a multitude of ways to create hype and build brand awareness for your brand-new business venture and here, for your reading pleasure and information, are a few of the top tips for success.

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Advertise in the Local Newspaper

Contrary to popular belief, newspaper advertising is still one of the primary ways to promote and advertise a new business, regardless of industry.

Unfortunately, however, advertising in the newspaper can be somewhat costly, so the best way around this is to invite the local newspaper editor or chief writers to dine at your restaurant free of charge and ask them to review the menu. As long as you are confident in the quality, aesthetic appearance, and overall standard of your food, you will receive a positive review, promotion, and advertisement all for the cost of a meal.

Hold A ‘Grand Opening’ Event

Even if, in actual reality, your restaurant or café has already opened to members of the public prior, holding and hosting a grand opening event or function is one of the most advantageous ways of building a buzz and creating hype around your new business.

You could either invite certain members of local government, other new and existing business owners, and other contacts whom you have met through networking in the dining industry or else open the doors to members of the public to welcome them inside.

Additionally, it would be incredibly prudent, not to mention exceedingly beneficial, to hire the services of a professional, renowned, and established local event bartender to serve your guests throughout the evening, as well as having your chef prepare bitesize nibbles from your menu.

Use Social Media Platforms

Undeniably, just as newspaper advertising is a staple of promotional material that has been around, well, as long as newspapers themselves have, the modern world of social media and its supreme influence cannot possibly be either ignored or underestimated.

There is a wide range of advantages to advertising your new restaurant or café on social media and here are just a few of them:

  • Relevant and engaging content will quickly and effectively build brand awareness around your restaurant and will grab the attention immediately of potential customers and enthusiastic diners.
  • Social media platforms are entirely free to use and you only need to pay for extra features and advertisement boosts should you feel you want to and indeed if they would be effective.
  • If you have already created a website for your café or restaurant, social media promotion will automatically boost traffic to your official website as well as your social media platforms.

Instantaneous and personalized responses and engagement with interested potential customers through social media will enhance the reputation of your restaurant or café ‘from the off’.

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