How to Prepare for Class 8 Exam

How to Prepare for Class 8 Exam

Class 8 is the upper primary stage for students. After passing this class, students enter a higher level where the subjects are more elaborate and in-depth. To understand them, students should have a strong foundation. So, students must study thoroughly in Class 8 and try to understand the concepts. Students just mug up the topics to score high marks most of the time. But, when they reach higher classes, they face problems in their studies. To help them, here we have provided some study tips for Class 8 students. Students will get a strong grip over the subjects and easily score high marks by following these tips.

The Class 8 final exam is essential for students as this exam is responsible for laying a foundation for higher studies. To score high marks in this exam, students should familiarise themselves with the syllabus, question paper pattern, weightage of marks for each section, essential topics, etc. To free themselves from stress and anxiety, they should plan their studies strategically. They should solve sample papers, previous years’ papers and questions from reference books. For example, Maharashtra Board students can refer to Maharashtra board solutions available class wise and subject wise. By doing so, they can revise all the subjects every week.

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Preparation Tips for Class 8 Students

Students should give importance to all subjects. Below, we have provided some tips that will help them strategise their preparations and perform well in the exam.

1) Create a study schedule

It’s always better to study in an organised way. If students already have a study timetable, they will not waste time thinking about which subject and topic they should study. They will immediately start studying and use their energy in the right direction. So, students must create a study plan for themselves. Depending on the student’s convenience, it can be for one week, two weeks or a month.

2) Refer to respective textbooks

Studying from textbooks is the best way to have a command over the subjects. The textbooks explain the topic in simple and easy language. It has various examples, illustrations, facts and experiments to explain a topic. These books are created by a team of experts and are recommended to students by the board. Each board prescribes their own textbooks for all the affiliated schools. The CBSE Board prescribes NCERT textbooks. Maharashtra Board prescribes textbooks and solutions such as Maharashtra board class 8 Maths solutions, Science solutions, etc.

3) Develop a habit of writing answers

Students should develop a habit of writing their own answers. At the end of each chapter of the textbook, there are questions in the exercise. Students must try to answer these questions by themselves. By doing so, they do not need to mug up the answers. In case they forget the answer during the exam time, then they can recall the answers easily at that time.

4) Prioritise topics and concepts

Students should make a list of all the important concepts and formulae in one place. Compiling them in a list allows them to revise and practise them daily easily. Also, they can use the list for quick reference at the last moment during exam preparation.

5) Revise self-created notes

Revision is an important part of the preparation for the exam. Students must start revising the topic when they are done completing the syllabus. During revision, they can solve the sample papers. They can practice questions from other reference books as well. Students must go through the self-created notes to prepare for each subject. In the same way, they can study notes on other subjects. It will save them time during revision, and they will quickly get the context of the topic.

Students are extremely curious and passionate about learning new things at an early age. So, this is the perfect time for them to build their basics. This also sparks a lasting desire in them to pursue a career in any field. Class 8 serves as a base for the students for further studies. It helps them solve daily life problems such as calculating the budget, solving the equations, etc., which eases their lives. So, there is no doubt that Class 8 works as a building block for the students for their careers ahead.