How to Parent When You Don’t Feel 100%

How to Parent When You Don’t Feel 100%

As a mom, it is likely that you will have to care for your children every single day of their lives until they reach the age of 18, even when you feel under the weather. However, parenting when you are less than 100% can be extremely difficult, and you may quickly become tired or grouchy. Then, here are some top tips that can help you to parent when you feel less than healthy.

Speak to a Specialist

If your health problems are affecting your ability to parent, as well as the rest of your everyday life, you should consider speaking to a specialist in your condition. This can help you to find out about the latest solutions and find a treatment plan that suits you and can allow you to live well alongside your condition. For instance, if you have recently been injured or developed chronic pain, you should consider visiting a physiotherapist, such as those at They will be able to give you tips on how to manage your chronic pain and help you to relieve it.

Get Help with Childcare

Some days may be better than others when it comes to your health, and if you are struggling to cope, you should consider getting help with childcare. For instance, you might be able to get your spouse or family member to look after your children for the rest of the day. Not only this, but you might also consider having a babysitter or daycare on call so that you can have your children taken off your hands for the day when you are feeling particularly ill. This will ensure that your children can always get the best care possible even if you are unable to give this to them.

Explain to Your Children

Your children are more likely to be understanding of your situation if you sit them down and talk about your health with your children, even if this is just to say that you are feeling poorly or have flu, but especially if this is a serious illness. By explaining how you feel to your children and what you want from them, they are more likely to give you an easy day and even help you around the house. This can prevent them from being worried about you if you appear to act differently than normal.

Take Time to Yourself

Many illnesses need you to rest to be able to recover from them or to manage your symptoms. Therefore, rather than feeling as if you constantly have to rush around after your kids, you should try to take time to yourself if you are able to. This might include getting your kids started on an activity that will entertain them while you take some time to rest. You should try not to feel guilty for not giving your children attention 24/7 and let them enjoy activities like watching television or playing video games for an extended period until you are better.