How to Make Your Garden a Biodiversity Hotspot

How to Make Your Garden a Biodiversity Hotspot

How to Make Your Garden a Biodiversity Hotspot: The average American yard has the potential to attract 50 species of birds, which shows there’s a huge potential when you diversify your outdoor space.

A biodiverse yard creates a more resistant landscape, protects your soil, and lets you grow a variety of plants or crops. Perhaps you’ve wanted to boost biodiversity at home, but you’re not sure where to start.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here is how to create a biodiverse garden.

Choose the Right Plants

If you want to increase biodiversity in your backyard, then choose the right plants. Cover your yard in your favorite plants, the more diverse the better, as you want to attract wildlife all year round.

You should also plant bright, fragrant flowers as it attracts butterflies and bees, critical backyard pollinators. Other great plants include garlic mustard, stinging nettles, and milkmaid.

But when you notice invasive plants, then take immediate action. This includes Japanese honeysuckle and knotweed.

Ditch Pesticides

Another way to boost biodiversity at home is by laying off pesticides. You don’t want to kill pollinators, otherwise, your yard won’t flourish, so become an organic gardener. But if there’s an extreme case, then use pesticide in a localized area and make sure the helpful insects aren’t present.

Let Trees and Shrubs Thrive

Trees and shrubs are a fantastic way to attract and protect wildlife in your yard. Many also produce flowers and fruits, which you can benefit from. And you mustn’t forget to plant a tree nursery as it nourishes the soil and protects seedlings.

Prioritize Local Wildlife

When home garden biodiversity is done right, then you’ll notice an increase in wildlife.

Because of this, you should accommodate them by installing birdhouses, a nesting area for bats, and even a native pollinator abode. You can even introduce a pond filled with fresh water as it will attract a range of amphibians. Further, gather piles of logs or sticks and keep these on the edge of your yard.

Use Compost

Compost is fantastic for producing healthy, nutrient-rich soil, so make your own.

Start by mixing green and brown material. The former is food that’s high in nitrogen, such as coffee grounds, orange peelings, and eggshells. Then, your brown material is high in carbon, which includes paper, sawdust, and small twigs.

You should also add a splash of water, otherwise, it won’t do anything. As a general rule, compost should be moist throughout the seasons. Further, regularly turn your compost pile with a shovel as that the fresh material is exposed.

Cultivate a Biodiverse Garden Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you know how to create a biodiverse garden.

On your mission to create a biodiverse yard, start by choosing the right plant species, make your compost, and avoid using pesticides. You should also find ways to attract wildlife and let trees thrive as they help maintain a healthy yard. Good luck!

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