How to Help Your Daughter Have Her Dream Wedding: a Guide for 2021

How to Help Your Daughter Have Her Dream Wedding: a Guide for 2021

Seeing your daughter at her wedding is something that many parents dream about. They want her to find love and happiness. They want her wedding to be the start of something great. Weddings are a celebration of what has yet to come and a celebration of two families coming together.

Though wedding customs change from culture to culture, they are at their core the same. They are a celebration, and what that celebration looks like to your daughter may be what it looked like for you, or it may be something different.

There are so many things to consider when planning a perfect wedding for your daughter, especially if the person she is marrying is from a different culture. Of course, there will be push and shove, but if you work together with open hearts and open minds, you will plan a spectacular event that starts new traditions that are perfect for your daughter’s new family.

How to Negotiate and Help Her Plan

There are going to be many different opinions when it comes to wedding planning and the end result. However, at the end of the day, your daughter and her future spouse should feel that the wedding celebrates them as a couple. Of course, you can absolutely encourage your daughter to add certain elements to her big day, but let her have the final say.

She might want a traditional wedding, or she might want to modernize it with her own ideas that you may never have even seen or heard before. The fact is, every wedding is a chance to create new, personalized traditions in your family, and that is something powerful you both should work towards.

Opt for a Custom Wedding Dress

It doesn’t matter if your daughter wants a western-style wedding dress or is looking at the beautiful Asian wedding dresses; the biggest and most important thing you can do is help her either get an existing option custom-fitted or have it crafted for her. So explore your options, try on floor samples, and get the option she falls in love with fitted to her so that she looks absolutely incredible.

Think of Creative Solutions to Stay in Budget

Going over your budget helps no one. Instead, it means someone will be strapped for money, or that money in question goes to the wedding instead of another big milestone in her life, like buying a home or having a child.

A good way to stay on budget is to develop budget-friendly options for all aspects of the wedding, from catering (which can be cut down by doing a pot-luck style, especially if the event is small) to entertainment and even to photography. By having the budget option, you can then focus on where you want to splurge.

Often, the venue, the dress, the photographer, and the food should take precedence. If there is still room, then go with entertainment. If there is still room in your budget after that, then you can splash out on the bells and whistles.