How to Care For Your Child’s Teeth

How to Care For Your Child’s Teeth

In terms of the overall health of your child, dental hygiene probably doesn’t top your list of priorities. However, good oral health is just as important as staying fit and eating healthily. In fact, bad dental hygiene can lead to tooth decay, painful cavities, and gum disease. Help your child keep their teeth and gums in good condition with these top tips.

Visit a Child-Friendly Dentist

Very few people like going to the dentist, and young children can be much more susceptible to feelings of anxiety when they are in the unfamiliar surroundings of a dental practice. Help your child feel more at ease by seeking the services of a child-friendly dentist. Lifestyle Smiles is a general dental and cosmetic clinic that provide dental treatments for both adults and children. Their team of dental professionals has experience in pediatric dentistry and can provide high-quality services for young children.

Adopt a Good Dental Hygiene Routine

If you want healthy teeth, you need good oral hygiene, which is why it is important to establish an efficient dental care routine while your children are still young. The Australian Dental Association recommends that parents clean their children’s teeth as soon as they appear. As a rule of thumb, once your child can use a pen properly, they are old enough to brush their own teeth. Building a habit of properly brushing teeth and teaching them the value of good oral health can be beneficial. As with adults, children with a full set should brush their teeth for 2 minutes twice a day, and they should not consume food or beverages after their nighttime brushing. To encourage good habits, put a timer in the bathroom to help them keep track of time. Kids who do not have a full set yet should still brush their teeth, but they might not need to do it for 2 minutes. Make sure your child uses the right toothpaste for their age, and that they are squeezing the correct amount onto their toothbrush.

Encourage Them to Drink More Water

Most people know that drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated is good for the body. However, not as many people know that drinking water can help keep your mouth clean too. Drinking more water can help decrease the risk of dental plaque and bacteria build-up, and it also rinses away food debris stuck in between teeth. It’s advisable to drink water before and after you consume food or other beverages. This can help stop cavities from forming, and it can also keep bad breath at bay too.

Healthy Diet For Healthy Teeth

For overall health, you need a good diet and it is important that your child gets the nutrients they need for their teeth to thrive. Vitamins A, C, D, and K are excellent for teeth and gums, while calcium can improve both their teeth and bones. In addition, try to swap sugary food and snacks for low-sugar alternatives.

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