How To Avoid The Most Common Mistakes That Are Made In Addiction Recovery

How To Avoid The Most Common Mistakes That Are Made In Addiction Recovery

When facilities like Infinite Recovery ( ) are asked about all of the ways that they can help various patients, a number of concerns are sure to arise. In order for a patient to maximize their road to recovery, they will need to make sure that they are avoiding certain pitfalls, though. There are certain steps that the patient can take to ensure a smoother process and this guide is here to outline them.

The more the patient knows about the common pitfalls, the easier it becomes to avoid them. Be sure to bear in mind that all of these mistakes are easy to make. That’s why the best facilities serve as a valuable support system, giving patients the tools that they need to steer clear. Read on to learn more….

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Seeking Too Much Independence

There is an urge to believe that an addict can simply cure themselves of their addiction. It’s a commonly asked question during these times. However, there is no shame in needing help and no addict should ever try to take on a task of this magnitude on their own. It is hard to ask for help, make no mistake about that. The thinking that led to addiction needs to be changed. The same thought process that led someone to addiction is not going to be helpful. Guidance and support are necessary tools.

Lack of Focus On Mental Health

When most patients are ready to embark on the path to sobriety, they allow movies and television to cloud their mindset. They imagine standing up in a meeting and telling everyone their name. Addiction recovery does include some group therapy sessions, depending on the course of treatment that is best for the patient. Mental health is a key component of any rehab regimen. Professionals need to be able to untangle the role that mental health issues are playing when it comes to drug usage and/or problem drinking.

Unrealistic Expectations

Patients may have unrealistic expectations, especially when it comes to the length of their stay. Some patients may need 90 days or longer to receive the proper treatment. It’s not a one size fits all treatment and many patients place unfair expectations on themselves because they are comparing themselves to others. This is never wise. Every rehab regimen has to be specifically tailored to the patient in question. The sobriety road is one that the patient will spend years traveling down. This is not a process where someone can expect to snap their fingers and be well again.

Too Much Focus on Dating

When a patient has succumbed to addiction, they typically have allowed their personal life to deteriorate as well. Many patients find themselves wanting to get back into the dating world as soon as they start to feel better. This is one of the more common mistakes, as it distracts a patient from their recovery. The patient is also placing themselves at increased risk of a relapse if things do not go well. Unhealthy relationship patterns from their past could begin to repeat themselves. Most experts recommend waiting at least a year before getting back out there.

Spending Time With The Same Crowd

This is one of the toughest parts of the recovery process. It can be hard for an addict to avoid the people that they used to spend time with, especially if they are close friends or family members. Adults may not view themselves as being susceptible to peer pressure but that is a misnomer. It is crucial for addicts to do everything in their power to avoid any and all triggers that may cause a relapse.