How to Ace O Level English in Singapore

How to Ace O Level English in Singapore

The first tip is to pick a topic that you are familiar with and enjoy writing about. Then, spend 5 to 7 minutes planning out your essay before you start writing. In addition, you need to spend some time reading the questions you are given and jotting down the important phrases you want to paraphrase. Lastly, you need to take note of the different features that distinguish each type of text. For example, if you have chosen Visual Text Comprehension, you need to focus on the image or graphic and note down the words or phrases you want to paraphrase.


To ace O level English comprehension, you should know what to expect in the examination. O Level Comprehension questions are often tricky, and they involve literary devices and descriptive phrases, as well as questions about the author’s state of mind. You should be able to pick out the main points of any text and write an 80-word response.

O level English comprehension questions will often ask you to write your answer in your own words, not in the words of the passage. However, you should be able to paraphrase and quote appropriately when asked to. Besides paraphrasing, it is also crucial to make sure your answer is relevant to the question. There are several tips to Ace O level english singapore.


This O-level English Language Paper 1 guidebook focuses on the development of students’ creative writing skills. It offers a number of practical tips to help students write well. Composing well is not a difficult task but requires the right skills to succeed. This book teaches students how to write in an effective and concise manner. It also contains a number of exercises and comments to help students improve their writing skills.

Students should try past year papers in timed conditions to become familiar with the type of questions that may appear in the examination. This will help them mentally prepare for the examination and identify their weak areas.


If you’re not sure how to tackle O Level English’s “Editing” segment, it can help to know the secret to getting maximum credit and consistently deducing the correct answer. This method will help you read passages faster and answer questions with confidence. If you’re not able to deduce the answer yourself, you can use the CART-BEFORE-HORSE method to speed up the process. Most candidates are slow readers and struggle to answer questions quickly and efficiently.

One common editing mistake is the use of a wrong verb. Verbs are action words, so you should make sure they are used correctly. You can find mistakes by looking at the individual sentences, as well as considering what other parts of the text are trying to convey. You should also read the passage more than once to make sure you’ve noticed all the mistakes. If you do find some mistakes, make sure you write them in pen.

Comprehension passages

Comprehension passages are an important component in the O level English exam. The topics that students should focus on include global issues, social practices, science and technology, and autobiographies of prominent people. These topics will help students develop their understanding of the language and tailor their sentences. The passages will also help students practice reading and writing in English.

Comprehension passages are often found in newspapers or magazines. They can contain information about a particular topic, such as the advantages and disadvantages of something. Some of them may even involve conflicting points of view. You can also use statistics to aid your understanding of the topics.


One of the most crucial skills for O level students in Singapore is listening comprehension. Without it, they will lose critical marks in the O Level English exam. This is where O Level English tutors come in. They will teach students how to listen in an effective way. This involves analysing news articles and storybooks, ensuring that students are exposed to the real world language. They will also give their students tools to integrate the language into their daily life.

It is very important to spend time practicing. While the Listening Comprehension section is the lowest weighted component of the exam, students must not underestimate it. It is important to practice answering exam-style questions, which may include multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions. With enough practice, students will be able to identify opinions and develop advanced note-taking skills. They will also gain valuable information on the characteristics of the English pronunciation.

Using the 10-year-series

One of the best ways to prepare for an O level English exam is to read extensively. This will improve your ability to think of pertinent ideas for the examination. This is a crucial skill that requires a lot of time and diligence to master. MindFlex tutors will be able to help you with the brainstorming process so that you can be sure that you’re generating relevant ideas for your answers.


Exam periods can be extremely stressful and the right preparation can help students score high marks. Aside from reading, students should also spend time on getting familiar with current events and news. These activities will prepare them for the O level English exam and help them become more globally aware.