How Kratom Helps For Pain Relief In Pets?

How Kratom Helps For Pain Relief In Pets?

Who knew that a tree which belongs to the coffee family and also which is basically found in Southeast Asia can turn out to be an immensely helpful natural substance when it comes to treating some serious health issues? Also, Kratom is widely used to treat ailments in pets. Are you shocked? It is fine because we are going to explain some really important things in the article about using Kratom to treat pets. So, stay tuned until we meet again at the end.

Kratom, being a natural substance, got its deserved acknowledgment after people shifted back to natural and herbal remedies. The shift became possible when people realized that herbal treatments turn out to be economical as well as they are comparatively safe.

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Is It Safe To Use Kratom For Pain Relief In Pets?

Honestly, there have not been a large number of studies performed on Kratom, let alone its usefulness for pets so we cannot say for sure if it is safe to be used in pets. However, there were a few studies regarding this where not only cats, rabbits, and dogs were used to see its effects but also exotic animals like lizards were used. The results derived from this showed that kratom barely had any side effects on pets given that it is used in the prescribed dose.

Kratom is a natural opioid analgesic and if used according to the guidelines given by a good vet then it might improve your dog’s standard of living without causing harm.

How Does Kratom Help Animals?

Well, kratom leaves have in them around 20 compounds. Out of these 20 compounds, there are compounds that play analgesic and opioid-like properties. Some of the famous compounds and alkaloids are;

  • Pynantheine
  • Speciogynine
  • 7-hydroxy mitragynine
  • Speciociliatine
  • Mitragynine

When it comes to the compounds carrying analgesic effects, Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine are the main ones. These ingredients release endorphins,  enkephalins, and dynorphins. As a result, serotonin and dopamine release make it even more worthwhile. All the ingredients that are present in kratom leaves when consumed together under proper dosing then they deliver the following results;

  • It can sedate
  • It acts as a stimulant
  • It can combat pain, delivering relaxation
  • It also works to treat coughs alongside other issues in pets.

What Ailments Has Kratom Treated In Pets So Far?

Majorly, there are dog owners who claim Kratom to have helped them a lot in terms of dealing with the issues their dogs were facing. However, scientific support for this is limited. Let’s have a look at the benefits of Kratom for our speechless fur buddies;

Benefits In Arthritis:

It is a known fact that Kratom has always been a part of people’s lives to relieve their pain caused by arthritis. When used in animals, specifically dogs then it turned out to be as effective for them and also, made the dogs happier.

Benefits In Combating Anxiety:

If you are a dog owner then you must also have come across a situation where your dog continuously barks when left alone at home. As Kratom is an opioid, it calms the dog and stimulates energy.

Pain Reliever:

The alkaloids present in Kratom come in handy to serve the purpose of relieving pain. This makes kratom an excellent choice to deal with the pain caused by many factors.

Appetite Enhancer:

Well, the purpose of this is not to make it a habit to give your pet kratom to enhance their appetite because then if you stop giving them kratom then they might have their appetite decreased. But, in some cases, you can take the help of Kratom since it is seen that humans chew Kratom leaves to get their food desire boosted.

Treatment For Seizures:

As scientific proof is lacking, you cannot say for certain if Kratom can help with seizures but there are several claims on that. Some people say that Kratom reduced the frequency of seizures in their dogs. On the other hand, some people say that Kratom triggered the seizures and some also say that it completely stopped seizures.

Energy Provider:

Where Kratom played its role by giving instant energy to the laborers, there it has also helped animals in some cases.


Now you definitely know that Kratom has shown some benefits in pets but the results varied. Moreover, due to a lack of scientific proof, you have to be cautious when giving it to your pet. It is very important to always consult a proper vet before introducing Kratom to your pet’s life so you administer the right dose. Always choose premium Kratom from renowned sources like Kratom Basket and SA Kratom. Lastly, if you observe any side effects then rush to the vet immediately.