How Can You Make Your Home Better for the Environment?

How Can You Make Your Home Better for the Environment?

When living in the Philippines, you might be very aware of the impact that global warming is having on the world, and you might be desperate to do your part to help the environment. However, the home that you live in can often drastically increase your carbon footprint without you realizing it. Here are some of the steps that you can take to make your home better for the environment in 2023.

Get Energy-Efficient Windows

If you often feel a draft through one of your windows, you should consider replacing these, especially if the locks do not work or if the window does not fit into the frame properly. This is because cold air might be entering your home, causing you to up your thermostat. Not only this, but if you have single-glazed windows, you might find that the heat that you pump into your home escapes, no matter how long you leave the heating on for. This can increase your annual bills and lead to a waste of energy. Instead of ignoring the issue, you should consider looking into energy efficient window installation, as this can ensure that you are doing your bit for the environment while keeping your home warm and toasty in winter.

Change Your Light Bulbs

Your light bulbs can also be the source of a lot of energy usage, especially if you have not installed the right ones. For instance, LED and CFL bulbs are far more efficient than the usual options. This is because they do not create as much heat as other types of bulbs and instead produce mainly light. However, if you want to go one step further, you should consider investing in smart lightbulbs. These connect to and can be controlled with your phone. These bulbs can help to save energy as you will be able to turn them on and off whenever you want to, even if you have forgotten to check them before you leave the house. You will also be able to put them on a timer.

Start Composting

You can also make your home better for the environment by starting to compost your old fruit and vegetables, among other foods, as well as garden matter. By composting your waste products, you will be able to naturally give your waste a new lease of life instead of binning or recycling them. This compost can be used to make your garden grow and can improve the diversity of insects and microorganisms in your backyard.

Install Solar Panels

You might also consider investing in solar panels, especially if you live in a warm and sunny area, as these can harness the sun’s light and transform it into energy for your home. This is why the Philippines is a great place to install solar panels due to the tropical climate. However, wherever you are, you should make sure that your house is facing in the right direction before you invest in solar panels, and look at how long it will take you to get a return on your investment.