How Busy Moms Can Maintain Balance While Pursuing an Online Nursing Degree

How Busy Moms Can Maintain Balance While Pursuing an Online Nursing Degree

As a mom, there is no doubt that your days often go by in a blur. Moms are notorious for being able to multi-task, handle stress and pressure, and care for everyone in the house. So, what happens if that sums up your life but now you’ve thrown an online degree program into the mix? An online nursing degree will make it possible for you to pursue your career dreams, but not without a lot of hard work and dedication put into your schooling.

How exactly does a busy mom who is also pursuing an online nursing degree maintain a healthy balance in life? How do you ensure that it doesn’t become too much for you to handle? Here are some useful tips that you can put into action.

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Learn How to Say No

This is an important rule that needs to be followed from early on. Learning how to say no won’t just help you to find balance in your life; it’s the kind of life lesson that will carry over into all areas. Learning how to say no, understand your limits, and put your health first is something that every person can benefit from. Better to learn the lesson now and save yourself a lot of stress.

Do You Have the Right Hardware and Software?

An important question for busy moms to ask themselves is whether they have the right equipment for their online courses. Having the right hardware, software, as well as a reliable and fast internet, sets you up for success. If you’re working with an old desktop or a laptop with outdated software, it’s only going to hold you back and make your studies that much more difficult and tedious.

If you’re going to invest in new equipment, it’s a good idea to first look at the programs/courses that will be included in your nursing degree. For example, the online accelerated BSN programs available through Baylor University feature a blend of online courses and lab and clinical experiences. You want to be sure that your computer or laptop can easily handle what you throw at it, so going over the program features and course details will help you figure out what you need.

Probably the biggest decision you’ll need to make is whether a desktop or laptop makes the most sense. There are the specifications of each that you need to be mindful of, but the big question is, do you need flexibility and mobility to work from different spaces, or will your computer be set up in one area of the house without the need to be mobile?

Choosing the right hardware and software will eliminate stress and headaches and can save you time when it comes to productivity. That is time that you can then direct to other more enjoyable areas of your life, allowing you to focus on balance.

A Good Night’s Sleep Is a Priority

Did you know that without enough sleep you just can’t be your best self? Everything will suffer from your home life to your studies to your work. A lack of sleep affects your ability to concentrate and focus. It also results in a lack of energy, can negatively impact your mood, and just leave you without any drive and motivation at all.

Ideally, you want to get seven to eight hours of sleep every night. Just like the kids have a bedtime routine that you stick to, why not create one for yourself? You want to be sure you go to bed at the same time every night, cut out food and drink that can stimulate you too close to bedtime, get rid of distractions from the bedroom, and ensure you give your body and mind ample time to wind down before going to sleep.

Get the Whole Family Involved

While pursuing a nursing degree online is obviously to better your career future, the fact is that it helps to have the whole family on board and involved. This means each family member understands that when you are studying and working, you need that quiet time and can’t be disturbed. Your family may even be able to help you with studying, adding an element of fun to your schooling.

Another way your family can lend a hand is to help out around the house, lessening your chore load. This could mean they help to make meals, clean up after eating, help with tidying, laundry, outdoor chores, and so forth. As a bonus, this is a great lesson in responsibility for kids.

You may find it helpful to post your school schedule where the family can see – such as the fridge – so everyone is well aware of when you’ll be busy and can’t be disturbed.

It’s Okay to Take Time for Yourself

The final thing to add is more of a mental trip than anything else. Many busy moms out there feel guilty at the mere thought of taking time for themself. They instead fill up every free moment, never giving themselves a chance to re-charge.

The problem with this go-go-go lifestyle is that there is no balance and you are bound to burn out. Burn-out is a horrible state to get to both mentally and physically, and it can end up hurting all aspects of your life – including your studies.

So, how do you avoid this from becoming the case? Permit yourself to relax, to do nothing, to engage in hobbies you enjoy, and do things just for you. It’s okay not to always have the kids with you, and always be putting their needs first. Taking little breaks for yourself will make you a stronger, healthier person which makes you a better mom, a better student, and a better nurse.

It Is Possible to Find a Healthy Balance in Life

Even though life as a mom tends to be busy at all times, there are still ways to find balance while pursuing your online nursing degree. Often it takes a more organized, planned, and purposeful approach to your everyday activities, but this will pay off in a big way.