How Belly Band Holsters Provide Comfort and Convenience For Everyday Carry

Belly band holsters eliminate the need for belts and work with pants, skirts, dresses, and other clothing. They can be worn in various positions on the torso, from appendix to cross-draw, or even at 6:00. They provide exceptional concealment, are comfortable to wear, and come with extra pockets for EDC items.


Many gun owners need help finding holsters that fit and conceal their handguns properly. A belly band holster solves that issue by holding securely around the waist and lying flat against the body to prevent printing under light clothing. Belly bands are also comfortable to wear while working out and running errands, unlike a belt or shoulder holster that can shift or roll due to movement. They’re ideal for those who prefer a concealed carry solution worn under lighter clothing, such as a dress or skirt. Some belly bands come with additional pockets that can be used to store a gun, extra ammunition, or other EDC items. While this is a convenient feature, it can pose a problem when using the restroom. For this reason, it’s essential to choose a belly band with high-quality materials that won’t stretch or become uncomfortable after wearing it for long periods. It’s also a good idea to select a belly band that is ambidextrous so you can draw your firearm with either hand.


The level of comfort a holster provides depends on the material, fit, and straps used. If the holster is too tight, it may cause abrasions and chafing. The fit should be secure enough to prevent the gun from slipping or shifting during movement but loose enough to allow quick draw when needed. Most people work out the perfect band tension over time. Belly band holsters can be worn in various positions around the waist. They can be worn low to provide an In-The-Waistband carry position or higher on the hips for appendix or cross-draw. The soft, flexible belly band allows users to rotate the holster between these different positions to find a comfortable carrying spot for each day. This flexibility makes them ideal for joggers and walkers, who can wear their holster in the “sweet spot” and move throughout their day without worrying about it riding up or down. With few exceptions, most belly band holsters collapse once the firearm is removed from them.


Belly band holsters are highly portable. When not in use, they can be rolled up into a small space and stored until needed. This makes them ideal for those who wear various outfits throughout the day and want to conceal their firearm with the most versatility. Belly bands are also highly adjustable, allowing you to carry the gun high on your waist or low around your hips. Additionally, they can be worn around the thigh or even across your chest.

Although they may not be the best fit for every body type – particularly women who may experience discomfort from more fabric around their waist area – belly bands offer much convenience that other types of holsters can’t match. They’re perfect for those who need to carry frequently, are in hot weather environments, or don’t have the option of wearing a belt. They also make an excellent choice for those who need to be able to draw their weapon quickly.


Belly band holsters can only be comfortable if you choose a well-designed option. Look for a holster with extra padding that prevents the gun handle and barrel from pressing against your skin. A breathable material like neoprene provides premium comfort, while a strong Velcro closure helps prevent it from sticking to your clothes or scratching against your skin. Another thing to remember when choosing a belly band holster is that it may take some time to adjust to wearing one all day. You may need to wear it under a loose-fitting shirt or dress to minimize friction against your skin. Because they’re not anchored to belt loops, belly band holsters are highly customizable regarding where and how you carry your firearm. If you prefer an appendix or 6:00 carry, no problem. It’s also easy to swap out your handgun for a different model if you feel the need to switch things up.