Hats for women who travel – A few important things to know

Hats for women
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You might be in love with your hats, but it takes some effort to travel with them! It’s true for fedoras. It’s best never to pack a fedora. You might be a hat person or someone who needs a little shielding from the sun – there are ample choices for you to pack a great travel hat.

The roll-able travel caps, foldable travel hats, non-goofy trail hats, and other exciting innovations are coming up in the hat department! If you don’t want to opt for the new-fangled hats, you have several travel hat choices. There are also a few smart packing tips that you can use when traveling with a huge hat when you are on your next vacation.

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Selecting a good travel hat

Do you want to know the essential packing tip for a hat? It is to choose a hat which you can carry well along with you. It would help if you chose a hat that is perfect for getting stuffed inside your backpack. Or it must be a hat that, on getting soaked by a sudden rain, doesn’t succumb to the elements. You don’t need to have excess luggage. You can also pack a hat without folding it. But just in case you need to, you shouldn’t worry about it.

You might not have imagined it! But selecting a womens travel hat is challenging than you can imagine! You can opt-in for trail hats, sun hats, crush down caps, rolling travel hats, and biking caps. Here are a few more choices that you can opt-in for:

  • The Bonnie Hat

This hat became popular during the Vietnam War. It usually gets made of fabric, like polyester or cotton, and a flat crown and wide brim. At times, the hat has a chinstrap. There are loops around the crown area at times. The design is soft, enabling you to tuck up and fold the hat as and when you need it.

  • Leather Hat

Known for its durability, a leather hat is an ideal choice for women who travel. Leather hats are lightweight and sturdy and keep you protected from the elements. However, it would help if you thought twice before folding a leather hat.

  • Bowler Hat

The bowler hat got invented during the late 19th century by William and Thomas Bowler in London. The British people made this hat an iconic fashion statement with names like Curly Howard and Charlie Chaplin sporting it. The hat comes with a well-rounded crown and narrow brim. It is a hard, felt hat that gets worn by cowboys because of its impressive grip. The hats stay put during harsh winds.

  • Campaign hat

It is also known as the drill sergeant’s hat! The drill sergeants wore it in the 1880s military campaign, and it comes with a tall crown, round, broad design, and a flat brim. Till the 1960s, the campaign hats didn’t make an appearance when the style got slightly modified. It has a more structured crown which was a distinctive part of the hat.

Wear a hat, don’t pack it

It might seem like a counterthought, but the best way to pack a travel hat is not to pack it! On the trail, around the town, and on the plane, it’s good if you carry it with you. It might mean, most of your travel images will feature your travel hats. To know more about leather hats, you can check out Americanhatmakers.com.

Practically, it is not possible to wear your hat every time. You might prefer to carry it in your hand with your bag. Maybe a few times you can wear it while taking a cab or journeying from one destination. There are three reasons to wear your hat for your vacation:

  • It looks stylish
  • It secures you from the elements
  • It does not use up any space

Packing the hat

Based on the type of hat you want to sport, you can transform a packing issue into a solution. You can flip the hat upside down and use small items like socks to fill it up. It will help your hat to stay crisp and not develop any creases. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Put down a base of attires that prevents the hat from being at the bottom of the bag
  • Flip the hat upside down
  • Stuff the hat to the brim
  • Pack around it

While packing your hat, you need to ensure that nothing spoils the texture and shape of the hat! Don’t put excess items around it as it can result in hat creases. Also, make sure you carry a hat cleaning solvent that will help you keep your hat clean just in case it gets dirty. You can get in touch with the hat maker for any other suggestions when traveling with your hat.



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