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Platinum is generally compared with gold. However, there is always confusion around both metals as they are similar but unique in their ways. Have a quick look at why to choose platinum over gold for engagement and wedding rings. Also, go through the unexpected use of this metal!


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The yellow gold look is out of fashion now. Instead, platinum has a natural white look which gives a simple but elegant look. White gold is another option with a similar look, but if there’s pure platinum, why go for alloys?


Also, the rhodium plating on a good white ring will fade eventually and start to appear as a yellowish tinge. Re polishing and relating frequently would maintain its perfect white look. Platinum neither wears off nor fades. Since it is naturally white, it will stay white even if it is daily work.


It is one of the most valuable metals in the world. It is denser and heavier than gold. Also, they are purer than the latter.



Even though gold is strong like platinum, it has no durability like the former. The chemical structure of this white metal gives it more strength and density. As a result, it won’t break easily like any other metal.


Appearance and durability are the important things to take care of when purchasing a wedding ring. But it is surprising to note that there are so many other uses for this metal other than making expensive watches or jewellery. Take a quick peek into the uncommon use of the metal:


1) Used for cancer treatment

It is used in a wide range of cancer treatment drugs. Since it can slow or halt the division of cells, it works as an efficient chemical in drugs. In addition, it is effective for antitumors and also reduces toxicity.


2) Coating for car

It is used to make cars safe. Airbag remains safe if it is given a platinum-silicon coating. Airbags will stay for long durations if the coating is given.


3) Used to produce blankets

It is interesting to see how this metal is used to produce petrochemical feedstocks used to produce synthetic and polyester fibres. These fibres are used in blankets and clothes.

How to take care of this metal?

Since it is highly resistant, it is easy to take care of this jewellery. As prevention:


1) Remove jewellery before gardening


2) It is better to keep each piece of jewellery in separate boxes because there is a chance of scratching as they are heavier.


3) Do not wear harsh chemicals. Also, avoid bleaching or activities similar to it.


4) This metal does not need care like gold or silver because it is naturally pure. If there is a need for cleaning, the steps are simple- mix soap with warm water and a good rinse to the jewellery. Then, use a soft brush and dry cloth to scrub and clean.


5) Professional clean and insurance

Make sure there is insurance for any precious metal purchased. There are professional jewellery cleaners out there to help. It won’t be expensive to make the metal ultra-clean because it’s already high sparkle naturally.


6) Weather matters

Some people’s fingers become sweaty and smelly in high temperatures, and the jewellery worn will become uncomfortable. Also, washing it with warm water will help.



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