Get a Good Pergola Cover and Install it in 3 Steps – A Handy Guide

Pergola Cover

Having a pergola in your yard is every homeowner’s dream, and a few have already achieved it. Our busy life and work pressure can act as a cozy relaxation spot to vent out your stress. You can spend some quality time alone or with your family or friends at your pergola.

Whatever the reason is, setting up a pergola in your backyard can surely be a wonderful idea. Reassuringly, it will not also cost you much. Once you have it, how can you really protect it and enjoy this structure to its fullest during harsh summer months when the heat outdoor is intense? Is it possible to shield your pergola with a cover? Yes, you can. Let us explore how to cover up a pergola without burning a hole in your pocket.

At the first point, you have to get a good pergola cover to start the installation project. There are plenty of choices out there at the online and offline stores. However, make sure that you do thorough research about pergola covers and identify the best value for your project’s money pergola cover. Here are some important things to consider.

  • The material of the cover must be breathable in order not to trap heat inside.
  • It should be capable of blocking the sun’s UV rays.
  • Choose a non-shrinkable cover.
  • Get a waterproof cover so that it can guard you against rain.
  • Make sure the material is sturdy and easy to clean.


Installing a pergola cover

Step #1: Get some tools

This project, by default, needs a ladder. If you do not have a tool belt handy, you may use something like a fanny pack for holding the nails, screws, and other small things needed for this work. You may also get the assistance of someone if you cannot handle it alone.


Step #2: Measure the size of the pergola

This is the most important step. You should not waste your money by buying an oversized or undersized cover, but just to make sure that you get enough coverage of the entire pergola. Grab a measuring tape and measure the length of the pergola roof’s sides and note down these measures.


Step #3: Fasten the cover

For this, you can start attaching the cover from one side of the pergola. Use strong fasteners and fix it strongly with construction staples, galvanized nails, and wooden screws as needed. Make sure that the fabric is tight enough not to have any wrinkles but not too tight to put too much pressure on the fabric with the risk of tearing. Once the fixing is done, secure the cover to four edges of the pergola. Always ensure leaving the same distance between fasteners to pull the fabric evenly to keep it tight and smooth.

Alternatively, you can also seek the support of an installation specialist like Correct Constructions if you are not so confident of doing it on your own. Most of the time, the home improvement stores will extend support for these types of work. You may also try to contract a handyman who is experienced in such installation projects.



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