A personal injury can throw your life off course, whether from a car accident, slip and fall accident, assault, medical malpractice, etc. It can result in hefty medical costs, lost wages, emotional trauma, pain, and suffering, not to mention you have to deal with tight-fisted insurance companies. Thankfully, engaging a personal injury lawyer gives you peace of mind and increases your chances of success when seeking compensation.

But the question is, how do you identify the perfect personal injury lawyer in Arizona who will fight for your interests? Here are the top inquiries to make when evaluating a personal injury lawyer.

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Are you in a position to handle my case?

A reliable and reputable personal injury lawyer knows their limits, and they can only devote so much time, expertise, and energy to their work. An excellent personal injury lawyer invests in the people and causes they represent and will not sign up a new client if they know their case will not get all the attention it deserves.

That is why many reputable law firms have a team of experienced lawyers so that every case gets enough attention. All in all, ensure that the personal injury attorney you consider hiring has enough time to understand your case and represent you.

Have you handled a similar case before?

When it comes to legal matters, experience plays a key role. Engaging an experienced personal injury lawyer in Preoria boosts your chances of success in your claim. Therefore the lawyer must have experience litigating cases like yours. While winning a case is not the only indicator of a good lawyer, a winning record suggests you are dealing with a knowledgeable professional who can prosecute your case in the best way possible.

How do you assess my case?

The best thing about seeking legal advice from a personal injury lawyer is that they bring in an objective opinion about the whole matter. It is easy to assume that you deserve so much financial compensation when you are the victim of a personal injury. However, accidents are different, and the particulars of the case and the law itself may make a claim complicated or compensation unlikely. An experienced personal injury lawyer can analyze your case, determine your chances, estimate how much your case is worth, and advise if you should pursue it.

What is my level of participation?

While your lawyer fights for your interests and represents you in court, they cannot do that without your help and story. They need the details of the accident, medical records, evidence, records from your insurance provider, etc. Some personal injury lawyers insist on and welcome a high level of commitment and involvement of the client in every step. Others prefer to do the heavy lifting by themselves. Find out what your personal injury lawyer expects of you before committing yourself.

Will my case go to trial?

Although numerous personal injury cases settle out of court, your lawyer should have the skills to represent you if you go to trial. That requires knowledge of the courthouses and the inner workings of the legal system. Engage a personal injury lawyer who can represent you well should the case go to trial.