Facebook Sponsored Ads: How Do They Work?

Facebook Sponsored Ads: How Do They Work?

Did you know that Facebook accounts for nearly 10% of all digital advertising globally? The social media giant has proven that its advertising services help businesses drive traffic and sales.

Facebook Sponsored Ads are one of the best ways to take advantage of the platform’s read. If your company has a Facebook Business page, you can run Sponsored Ads. You can customize these ads for a variety of objectives, as explained in the article below.

Read on to learn how Sponsored Ads work and how you can use them to drive revenue for your business.

Sponsored Ads Can Help You Reach a Number of Business Goals

When you create a sponsored post, you can set the objective to match your business goals. Potential objectives include website purchases, form-fill leads, app downloads, Business Page likes, and more.

Your Sponsored Ad will have a different appearance depending on the objective you choose. For example, a Sponsored Ad that’s supposed to get form-fill leads will prompt your audience to fill out a form.

An ad that’s intended to drive Business Page likes will prompt viewers with a “Like” button. Be sure to look at all the different objectives and compare them to your business goals before you create a Sponsored Ad.

Sponsored Ads Allow You To Set Custom Audiences

One of the biggest advantages of Facebook advertising is the fact that you can target a specific audience. You can choose to target consumers based on their demographic information, their location, or even their interests. This audience targeting is one of the main things that separates Facebook Ads from Google ads.

There are other differences, of course, and you can click to read the blog post from an expert that outlines the main differences between the two advertising marketing channels.

When you’re setting up your Facebook Sponsored Ads, consider testing two different audiences with your ads. You may find that one audience delivers a higher conversion rate than the other, and you can use that audience moving forward.

It’s Always a Good Idea To Optimize Sponsored Ads for Mobile

Although you’ll likely be creating your Sponsored Ad on a desktop computer, you should make sure the ad is optimized for mobile viewers. The vast majority of users will see your ad while they’re browsing Facebook on their mobile phones.

When doing Facebook ad marketing on mobile devices, it’s important to keep the message short. Mobile audiences have short attention spans, and the small screens only have room for so much text.

Reviewing Best Practices for Facebook Sponsored Ads

Facebook Sponsored Ads can be a powerful tool for your business. But, remember that you’re also competing with a lot of other businesses using the same marketing channel. To gain market share, you have to use the tried and true Facebook Ads strategies mentioned in this post.

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