EyeRide Dashcam for Fleets

EyeRide Dashcam for Fleets

If you want to effectively manage all your fleet with advanced surveillance tools, investing in EyeRide dashcams for your fleets is certainly worth it.

Dashboard cameras (simply known as dashcams) are surveillance cameras that are installed on the front or rear sections of vehicles to help record live footage of incidents and other events encountered on the road. The video taken by a dashcam can be used to provide hard evidence in the case of accident-related litigation. Empower your drivers to record concrete proof to assist law enforcement investigations in the event of a crash.

If you are a fleet manager who oversees the safety of drivers and fleet vehicles, it helps to install the best dashcams on your trucks and buses. This will allow you to improve safety and minimize financial losses.

EyeRide LLC is one of the most popular manufacturers of fleet management solutions in the world today. The reputable company offers a wide range of vehicle tracking software for fleet managers.

Why choose EyeRide fleet dash cameras

Honestly speaking, EyeRide LLC dashcams are no ordinary cameras; they are must-have safety devices for all fleet companies. By using cutting-edge technologies integrated with the cloud and artificial intelligence, EyeRide’s in-vehicle surveillance cameras allow drivers to gain complete visibility over the road.

Take full control of your safety while cruising. Apart from enabling you to record high-definition video footage, these advanced dashboard cameras use artificial intelligence to alert drivers about potential dangers, traffic conditions, and speed-limit breaking.

With an EyeRide fleet dashcam, you can utilize its night vision capability and computer vision tech to accurately record events 24/7.

One major benefit of EyeRide dashcams for fleets is that they use image sensors to record visually stunning footage that is easy to access and analyze. When connected to a Wi-Fi router, you can use a mobile app to view alerts and monitor your driver’s behavior with ease.

If you always want to know the location of your fleet, fleet dashcams come in handy. Dashboard cameras equipped with GPS trackers make it possible for fleet managers to track the real-time locations of their vehicles.

Install a smart wide-angle dashcam and use its GPS and Wi-Fi features to your advantage. Your ability to monitor a large array of data such as driving speed, excessive braking, and harsh acceleration, can enhance your accident prevention policies. Record an unlimited amount of video footage of everything that happens in front of, behind, and around your vehicles.

When linked to a secondary camera, you can also record the interiors of your fleet vehicles simultaneously.

Dashcams for fleets come with inbuilt microphones for recording audio — there is also a communication system to alert your driver about incidents. The tamper-resistant designs of fleet dashcams make them long-lasting and easy to install. They can be configured to transmit data directly to your telematics application server.

You don’t need to worry about storage space as EyeRide fleet dash cameras have more than enough space to save your footage. Visit EyeRide.io right now and schedule a free demo.