Everything That Goes into Roasting the Perfect Coffee Bean

Everything That Goes into Roasting the Perfect Coffee Bean

Coffee is one of the world’s favorite beverages in the world today. Getting the perfect cup takes several great moves, but it boils down to the coffee beans you have. The brewing process and involved amount too little if you don’t have the right beans. Once you have everything checked, you need to know how to roast the perfect cup. A few steps will quickly land you to the ideal cup if you follow the right steps. Below is everything that goes into roasting the perfect coffee bean.

Get Unroasted Green Beans

Before you get to roasting, you need to get the right beans. You are looking for beans that look like tinier, greener versions of the fully roasted beans. The beans need to be hard as a rock. You can get the beans from a wide array of online coffee bean sellers. When buying beans, one thing to keep in mind is that they will lose half their weight when roasted. If you buy a pound of beans, you’ll end up with half a pound. Beans give different flavors; ensure you get the right one.

Get the Equipment Ready

Commercial equipment is quite expensive, and you need to get only what you need for the process. You don’t need to be the Bun Coffee roasters in Brisbane, if you are roasting for commercial needs, you just need to get the right equipment. For your home brewing, you can improvise on what you need. For example, you can use a popcorn popper if you can’t afford to get the coffee machines.

Start the Roasting Process

You have complete control of your coffee when you roast the beans on your own. You can control the flavor, the caffeine levels, etc. When you have put the beans inside the heating element, crack it up and wait – you also need to stir. Watch the beans as they change color – this should be from green to yellow. The final color you should get with the beans is light brown. You can then hear the crack as much as popcorns do. When you use a popcorn popper, you should see chaff appear in the hopper.

After they Turn black, Pull them Out

When they are finally dark enough, you can pull them out. However, don’t continue the roasting process when the beans turn dark – it will destroy the flavor of the coffee.

Cool the Beans

Now, you need to let the beans cool off after roasting them to the levels you want. You can let them cool off for a couple of hours – you can’t use them unless after they are thoroughly cooled. These beans are super hit when they come off the roasting, so be careful not to touch them. However, you want to cool them, do it – you can lay them on a tray and wait for them to cool off.

Let Them Breathe

You can then let the beans breathe in an airtight container – don’t seal the lid, though.

Roasting The Perfect Beans

When you are looking to roast the perfect coffee beans, here’s how you can go about it. These are some moves that even a newbie can quickly implement to get the perfect beans.

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