Core Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Cutlery

Core Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Cutlery

If you have ever watched a television show like Downton Abbey, then you may have seen one of the many scenes when a table is being laid with cutlery made from solid silver. Very posh.

For decades, having silver cutlery, cookware, and even dinner service sets have been seen as a sign of wealth, with many people who wanted to climb the social ladder coveting these items. While there is something very upper-class about having silver cutlery, you may find that the upkeep and the potential damage that can be caused outweigh the benefits.

This is why even the top restaurants opt for using stainless steel sets and, in this article, you will be guided through why this more durable and affordable option is a good idea.

It Is Always Sharp

Suppose you are someone who likes cooking in the kitchen or even has a job as a professional cook or chef. You will want to ensure that the knives that you use will always be sharp, and when it comes to stainless steel cutlery, this is easy to maintain.

Of course, butchers’ knives will have to be sharpened with use, but overall, most stainless-steel knives stay sharp for longer than other metals, making them ideal for people who eat tough steaks and other foods.

It Is Rust Resistant

Made from nickel and chromium, this cutlery type is stain and rust-resistant, which is another reason why chefs and home cooks alike love it so much. You won’t get water marks on stainless steel, but you might on silver.

The best combination for rust-resistant cutlery is 18% chromium and 10% nickel, which means if you are looking for the best cutlery that guarantees minimal rust, there will be a stamp on each piece that reads 18/10.

It Is Sleek

Silver cutlery indeed looks great on a long table, but so does stainless steel.

It has a permanent glossy look, which means that it looks contemporary, but it won’t look out of place at a fancy dinner party either. Plus, unlike silver which would require hours of polishing to get the same result, stainless steel is reflective and is easier to clean. Also, stainless steel is less porous than silver, meaning that it is also less likely to hold germs, making it more hygienic too.

It Is Eco-Friendly

In 2022, more people want to live in sustainable homes. Thus, stainless steel items such as knives, forks, and spoons are a great choice, especially when compared to silver. Why? Because up to 60% of stainless steel is recycled, so even if you buy a brand-new cutlery set made from this metal, it is highly likely that most of it will be recycled. You don’t get many recycled silver sets, after all.

It Is Affordable

Yes, the silver dinner service may be seen as the goal of many homes, but have you priced it? To have a full cutlery set made from silver would cost thousands of dollars. Stainless steel options on the other hand are affordable and readily available, making them ideal for people who have a wider income range.