Convenient Applications For Excursions

Convenient Applications For Excursions

Discover our mobile applications of the Tourist series for museums and cultural sites.

Our team of specialists consists of a dozen graphic designers, designers of user interaction tools, engineers, and developers. Our company has created more than 200 traditional and the most innovative applications for audio excursions based on iOS and Android.

Tourist applications turn a visitor’s smartphone or tablet into a real digital guide, helping him before, during, and after the tour!


Guided tours of museums and memorable places

Ready-made applications and equipment tailored to the needs of customers: positioning, gamification, image recognition, notifications… The most innovative media systems!


Outdoor tours of cities and attractions

Optimization for outdoor use: geolocation, interactive maps, GPS navigation, panorama with narrator text, treasure hunt, offline mode… Create your own outdoor walks using mobile devices!


Virtual excursions and excursions with augmented reality

Excursions that use 3D modeling or a 360° view, virtual excursions or excursions with augmented reality, a tablet device with a touch screen or headphones for virtual reality … Give visitors the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the world presented in the excursion!

Content management system “Tourist”

Since the content for your excursion is not set in stone, and the mobile application should provide for the possibility of updating, we have developed an intuitive and high-performance content management system. With only a computer and an internet connection, you can create your own applications and change them at any time. Create excursion routes, add languages, mark the locations of interesting places, make changes to the media content, send notifications, keep track of statistics… Take advantage of all the advantages of your own application!

Tourist audio guide – a modern guide to the world of art

Audio guides can truly be called an integral part and a faithful assistant for guests and visitors of museum spaces.

The needs of visitors who come to the museum are simple – to get an idea of the culture, see the artifacts with their own eyes, expand their horizons, spend leisure time, take a tour, etc.

All these and other needs of the visitor can be covered by the audio guide— a mobile application for self-acquaintance with the museum’s exhibits or city sights, with the help of which everyone can listen to an audio tour at the moment that is convenient for him.

What is the use of this technology?

As you know, a person has several types of information perception. Among the visitors of the museum, you can meet: audial, visual, digital, and kinesthetic. The beauty of audio guides is that they contain information for different groups of visitors. In addition, audio guides on mobile devices can increase the accessibility of the exhibition for visitors with disabilities.

In modern realities, audio guides are simply necessary for museums. The practice has shown that in the post-quarantine period, museums are forced to refuse to accompany large excursion groups. This issue is particularly acute in small museums. For example, to conduct an educational excursion with one class in the conditions of post-quarantine restrictions, 3-4 guides will be required, often in small museums, there is a problem of personnel limitations.

Therefore, we recommend that you take a closer look at audio guides as a technology that simplifies the work, and most importantly makes visiting the museum convenient and safe for the visitor!