Components That Makeup a Meccano Set

Components That Makeup a Meccano Set

Several components make up a Meccano set. These include nuts, bolts, washers, spanners, and various metal strip materials. In addition to this, there are also plastic parts such as certain gears found inside the sets and also chain links. Other accessories can be found inside a Meccano set.

Washers and Spanners

Regarding the washers and spanners, there is a large variety of these items to choose from depending on what type of projects one wants to complete with their set. Steel washers and spanners are the cheapest options available for those who want to keep their costs down when buying a new Meccano set. These steel washers and spanners do a solid job but are not as durable as other types purchased separately or included in higher-end Meccano sets. Steel washers and spanners will bend if put under too much pressure from over-tightening, so it is important not to over-tighten screws when using steel components.

Steel Spanners and Washers

Other options include the ‘G’ type washer and spanner set, made from a more durable material. These will not bend even when put under pressure, but they cost substantially more than the steel versions. If budget is not an issue, it would be worth investing in high-strength aluminum alloy or stainless-steel equivalents. This option will last longer than any cheaper sets, so this is recommended if one wants to complete projects with their Meccano set regularly. However, the most expensive option is tungsten carbide washers and spanners. These are the strongest Meccano components available, so if one wants to complete challenging projects, then these would be worth looking into.

Tungsten Carbide Washers and Spanners

Nuts come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors for different purposes, which is why it is important to know what type of nut you need before buying a new or used Meccano set. Brass nuts are very cheap options to get the job done, but they are not always the most durable. Nylon nuts are similar to brass ones in that they can be cheaper but only last for around six months at best before they wear down considerably.

Bolts and Nuts

There are similar options to nuts in terms of materials used regarding bolts. These include brass ones at one of the cheaper ends of the market, nylon ones that can be more expensive but still not as good quality as steel equivalents, and steel bolts, which last longer than brass or nylon versions. The most durable option is tungsten carbide bolts. Although they come at a higher price tag than other types, these are very strong and hard-wearing.

Although there are basic Meccano sets available, there are also more advanced Meccano sets with beams and axles that beginners can buy and use to build bigger and more complex models. There are many different types of kits available in schools and toy shops, including gears, beams, axles, etc. These can then be combined with other sets that might have couplings, hooks, clamps, etc. These parts, along with nuts bolts, spanners, washers, etc., come in at varying price tags depending on materials used and how much work has gone into producing the end product.