The largest and heaviest automobiles on the road are trucks. When truck accidents occur, they cause significant harm to everything and everyone they hit. Injuries sustained in truck accidents are more serious than those from car-on-car collisions.

Hiring a truck accident attorney following a truck accident is always advisable to get the most out of the claim. Truck accident lawyers are familiar with the suffering that truck accidents create since they have witnessed it during their careers. From broken bones to wounds, brain injuries, paralysis, and even death, a Grand Rapids truck accident attorney may help if you or a loved one was hurt in a truck accident.

The following injuries are common following truck accidents:

Head injuries

Accidental head trauma may cause a brain injury that could profoundly impact one’s life. Whiplash, fast acceleration, or deceleration can cause brain damage, even without direct head trauma. A brain injury does not necessarily entail being rendered unconscious, and these injuries might not be immediately noticeable.

Confusion, nausea, vision issues, and a variety of cognitive challenges are symptoms that may manifest. Considering that they frequently result in the loss of cognitive and physical abilities, head injuries are among the most tragic injuries incurred in truck accidents. Some people never regain their previous state following brain damage.

Back and neck injuries.

You may suffer neck pain or more severe injuries such as spine disc dislocations if you encounter a truck accident. Considering how important your back and neck are to everything you do, these wounds can impede you from getting back to work and regular activities.


As a result of the greater force of truck collisions than those involving only cars, bones can more easily break. Fractured bones may take a long time to heal, and you may require a lot of physical therapy and rehabilitation to return to everyday living.


Burn injuries might occur in a truck accident, especially if flammable cargo is present. This is frequently the case in truck accidents involving dangerous goods like gasoline or petroleum.

Spinal cord damage or paralysis

Spinal cord injury from a truck accident can be particularly severe and result in paralysis. Everyone who sustains injuries in a trucking accident should seek medical assistance as soon as possible because the injury isn’t often immediately apparent. Injuries that an X-ray might miss can be found with the use of an MRI.


Truck accidents resulting in cuts and lacerations can be harrowing and leave behind enormous scars that might never fully heal.

Torso and rib fractures

As the rib cage covers the body’s essential organs, truck collision injuries to the ribcage and torso can be severe.

Internal injuries

Organs like the bladder, liver, and heart may bleed internally due to severe trauma from collisions.

Wrongful death

You have a 10-fold greater chance of dying in a tractor-trailer accident than in a collision with another vehicle, which is startling. Thankfully a skilled truck accident lawyer can make a wrongful death claim against the truck company when a truck accident claims the life of a loved one.