Common Haircut Mistakes to Avoid

Common Haircut Mistakes to Avoid

Your hair defines how you look. And if you decide to keep it short, you must ensure you style it according to the shape of your face for a great look. Whether you are going to the barber or cutting your hair at home, here are some common mistakes to avoid.

Not Considering the Shape of Your Face

The same way you pick an outfit that flatters your shape, you have to choose a haircut that complements your facial features. Sometimes you see a celebrity, model, or friend with a particular hairstyle and go to the barber requesting the exact thing. However, you also have to remember that your haircut will not come out the same way if you do not have the same face shape. If you are going to a barber, ask them whether the hairstyle you want will suit you. If not, choose another one. If you are doing the haircut at home, you have to be very careful and do your research, finding out what cut is ideal for you.

Staying For Long Without Cutting It

When you stay for too long without getting a haircut, your face starts to look unkempt. A haircut gives you a fresh and neat look, enhancing your appearance. One of the ways to know that you need a haircut is if you notice that in the morning, you are taking longer than usual to get your hair in place. Also, if you find yourself applying a lot of hair products to help keep it in place, then you probably need a trim. As CombPal suggests, nowadays, there are a ton of haircutting tools, and you do not even have to go to the barber for that trim. You can do it yourself at home and save money and time.

Cutting Your Hair For The Wrong Reasons

There are many reasons one may choose to go for a short haircut. However, ensure these are good reasons, and this is particularly important for women. There is no rule that says a certain age comes with a certain hairstyle. As long as your hair is beautiful and healthy, that is what is important. A dramatic change like cutting your hair should not be influenced by external factors. For instance, one may choose to cut their hair after losing a job, breaking up with a partner, or after any other sudden changes happen in their life. If you are going through something stressful, the last thing you want is to add more stress to yourself, especially if the hairstyle comes out badly. You can wait it out until you have better headspace than make such a decision.

Under or Overestimating Inches

Sometimes you might request the barber to chop off two inches of your hair, only to leave the seat with a bob. Do not estimate how big an inch is because it might be shorter than what you presume in your head. You may want to refresh your memory with a ruler to get an idea of what an inch looks like. Even better, show the hairdresser or the barber the amount of hair you want them to cut instead of using inches.

When you are cutting your hair, the point is to enhance your looks. However, when it is done wrong, it defeats that purpose. To ensure you do not end up being disappointed, avoid the mistakes discussed above.