Colourful Socks: Why Are They Back in Style?

Have you ever seen someone rock a pair of Doc Martens boots with rainbow socks and be like, “I wish I was him”? A chunky pair of aggressive boots paired with colourful socks might sound out of place first, but it has become a new creative fashion trend today. However, finding a set of these flashy socks in your local store is quite difficult as most happy socks are for kids.

When choosing to buy socks online, happy socks are a good choice as there are plenty of these colourful socks in the market. Consider them as “beginner socks”; you can never go wrong with them unless you deliberately try to do so. Business, casual, street, or classic – you name it, colourful socks go well with pretty much any attire.

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Clothes are a fun way to express yourself, and your socks are not an exception. Since there are no actual rules in fashion, colourful socks are a cheap plan to express yourself through clothing. There are tons of designs to choose from to suit your personality and even more ways to match your clothes.

Business wear tends to limit clothing options, but your socks can be an absolute head-turner. Colourful socks do not always mean socks embellished with rainbows and teddy bears which might not go well with your expensive suit. Classic variants such as argyle socks add a timeless vibe to your business attire without compromising the professional look.

Versatility and Abundance

While colourful socks tend to be childish, today’s fashion trends say otherwise. A common look would be to cuff your pants to show more of the socks, shifting more visual weight into the bottom half of the wearer. Pants and shorts match by default with colourful socks, but that should not stop you from trying out new things. Some people can even pull off a dress while wearing happy socks!

A handful of online shops sell happy socks, so you should not run out of options. When you buy socks online, happy socks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so choosing the right pair has never been easier. With the right judgment and good taste, colourful happy socks are a sure-fire way to stand out from the crowd.

Socks for Success

Colourful socks had a bad rap before, but a previous study says otherwise. Researchers from Harvard suggest that people who wear colourful socks tend to be more creative, brilliant, and successful in life. Wearing these kinds of socks and other non-conformist tendencies are suggestive of high status and high confidence.

Perhaps the most famous person to ever wear colourful socks is Canada’s current Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. At least a dozen photographs of the young Prime Minister show him wearing vibrant socks in public meetings, and they look eccentrically well. It takes a lot of confidence and conviction to wear happy socks, but this should not stop you from wearing them.


Although there are tons of colourful socks in the market, you should also consider the quality of the product. Socks vary with brands and manufacturers, and some of them might not meet quality product standards. Make sure to only buy from authentic shops, and your happy socks will definitely serve their purpose well.



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