Colors of Renaissance Wedding Dress

Colors of Renaissance Wedding Dress

For current ladies, searching for Renaissance styles here is an opportunity to communicate singularity. The Renaissance wedding dress was likely not white. Albeit a few ladies sported white during the Renaissance time frame, white wedding dresses didn’t become in vogue until after Queen Victoria wore a white dress to her wedding in 1840. During the Renaissance, ladies wore their best dress as their wedding dress, whatever the shading. On the off chance that they were well off, they wore the most recent styles. So the shades of wedding dresses included green, dark, red, and blue. Blue was a shading related to celibacy.

Hairdos and Headwear for the Renaissance Bride

The lady’s hair is free and long and she is wearing a red circlet. A wide range of various ladies wears their hair covered with a white material. As indicated in the book, Costume and Fashion in Color, 1550 – 1760, “When hitched or past a ‘specific age’ tolerability had since quite a while ago expected ladies to cover all their hair. In the late fifteenth and mid-sixteenth hundreds of years, they started to show a tad bit of it, yet all fair ladies actually covered their heads.”  However, it is intriguing to take note of, that even the little youngsters in Bruegel’s painting wear covers over their hair.

Skirt and Bodice of the Renaissance Wedding Dress

The bodice can scarcely be seen at the neck area. It is greenish-blue (green-blue) in shading and worn over the shift. It has a v-neck area. Presumably, there is additionally a skirt worn with this bodice, however, it can’t be seen under the out

Three layers to the Renaissance Wedding Dress:

  • Undergarment,
  • bodice and skirt,

The Renaissance Wedding Gown

A dim green outfit is worn over the bodice and skirt. It has a high, fitted abdomen and a square neck area. From the high-abdomen, there is an assembled skirt tumbling to lower leg level. The length of the lady of the hour’s dress isn’t noticeable in the painting. Nonetheless, different dresses found in the image are lower leg length. The lower part of the neck area is decorated with red. Maybe it is a red lace or weaved fabric. The dress has long sleeves, more fitted at the shoulder and erupted at the wrist.


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