Christmas in July

Christmas in July

Christmas is one of the best holidays of the year. The only really disappointing thing about it is that it only happens once a year. Unless you decide to celebrate Christmas in July! Christmas in July is a way to have winter fun under the summer sun. Here are a few ways you can celebrate.

One way to celebrate Christmas in July is to throw a Christmas party this summer. Invite your friends and neighbors over for some winter-themed activities like building mini snowmen out of shaved ice, or a white elephant gift exchange. You can also have wintery food with a summer twist, such as iced hot cocoa, s’mores gingerbread houses, and eggnog. If you live near a desert or a beach, you might try sand sledding or a Santa swimsuit contest. For the kids at your party, you can set aside a table just for them. Set up games like “guess what’s in the stocking.” Fill a Christmas stocking with random summer and holiday items, like a snowman, surfboard, suntan lotion, sled, snowflake, Christmas tree, or swimsuit. Have the children take turns feeling what’s inside the stocking without looking inside. A prize for the person that guesses the most items could be a gingerbread man cookie-wearing frosting swim trunks. You can end the party by watching a Christmas movie with everyone.

Another way to celebrate the holiday season during July is to help others. The Christmas season is really about giving, after all. Ask your kids what type of community service they would like to do over the summer. Maybe they want to clean up some trash the next time they go to the beach. Or maybe they want to volunteer at a local animal shelter. You can also do favors for your neighbors. Give someone a batch of cookies, or mow an elderly neighbor’s lawn. While your family can do a variety of service activities for Christmas in July, make sure to let your children decide at least one of the activities. This way, your children will feel more involved with the process, and they’ll be excited to participate in an activity they chose. It’s always more fun to do something you helped organize.

Lastly, don’t let the summer slip by you without taking a look at holiday cards. I know it might seem too early, but the sooner you check this off your list, the better. The holiday season is always so busy, and the list of things to do at that time is enormous. If you plan ahead now and decide on what Christmas cards or holiday cards to get in advance, you’ll have one less thing to do in December. If you’re not sure where to get your cards, I’d recommend Basic Invite. They have tons of designs, and all of their stationery is customizable. I love their cheap holiday cards and Christmas party invitation designs. Take a look at their site, you’re sure to find the right xmas cards for you!

Don’t let the time of year stop you from enjoying a little holiday cheer. Throw a Christmas party in July, give back to your community, and grab your Christmas cards now to cut down on that holiday to-do list. I hope your summery Christmas is a merry one. Happy Christmas in July!