Choosing The Right Clothes For Your Child To Wear On Hot Days

Choosing The Right Clothes For Your Child To Wear On Hot Days

Summers are getting hotter around the world and for many parents, one of the biggest concerns that they have is how to keep their babies, toddlers, or young children cool. If you live in a city or do not have a home or apartment that has air conditioning, keeping younger members of your family cool can present a real challenge.

Luckily, you won’t have to invest in an indoor pool for your apartment to keep children and toddlers cool on those sweltering hot days! There are many clothing tips to follow which can ensure that your children do not succumb to heat exhaustion and will be able to stay hydrated even on the warmest days.

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First things first, you have to choose clothing that is made of breathable materials. The most common and popular breathable material is cotton, but as more people are becoming eco-aware, you can now get floral dresses for girls and T-shirts for boys made from bamboo and even hemp, both of which are natural and breathable.

While it can be tempting to purchase mixed clothing that has polyester in it, this will not allow sweat to disperse from the body and can result in rashes and your children feeling warm, so it is best avoided.


Next comes the fit. Even if your children are attending a party and want to wear clothing that is more fitting, this is not a good idea on a warm day, even if the clothing is made of cotton or bamboo. This is because it does not allow space between the skin and the material for sweat to evaporate, which will cause your child to become overheated. So, aim for looser dresses, tops, shorts and skirts for your little ones.


It’s also worth going up a size when choosing summer clothing (even for yourself). This is due to the fit being looser and allowing more space for sweat to evaporate.

Just make sure that the clothing is not too loose that it will fall off of your child, as that will not go down well if they are playing with friends.


Even if you live in a city that is full of buildings, when your child goes outside, they will need to be wearing a hat. This doesn’t have to be a straw hat per se – even a baseball cap can provide adequate coverage from the sun. This will prevent them from experiencing sunburn and will provide them with some much-needed shade, especially on brighter days.


It is always tempting to dress a child in clothing that shows more of their skin on hot days to keep them cool. But remember, especially for babies and younger children, they may not be able to articulate that this is uncomfortable when in direct sunlight. So, aim to put them in hats and long-sleeved garments and skirts or trousers, as this will once again provide shade and prevent sunburn. Always pair any clothing on a warm and bright day with a hat, large sunglasses and sunscreen!