Choosing Open Vs. Enclosed Car Shipping for Your Vehicle Transport

Choosing Open Vs. Enclosed Car Shipping for Your Vehicle Transport

Open car shipping entails loading your car onto an open-air carrier for transport, making booking an order simple and cost effective. To learn more about what your options are, and the variables beneath them, read the following article.

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Customers of open transport typically choose it because it offers lower costs than other forms of shipping; however, other considerations must also be made before selecting this mode of transport such as vehicle protection levels needed and any extras to include with your shipment.

Enclosed is more costly but offers superior protection for your vehicle during transit. If considering open and enclosed carrier transport -I’d suggest this option for classic cars and other opulent models which need protection from the elements during sending. However, car shipping companies typically only have limited capacity in terms of enclosed trailers available to them for such service.

An enclosed carrier may also increase costs by forcing you to pick up and drop off your car at a terminal, instead of having it delivered directly to your home. This adds additional time for delivery as well as costs – something you need to keep in mind, especially if you’re on a budget or are moving across states.

Use our instant quote calculator for an accurate idea of the exact cost associated with open and enclosed auto services, then compare quotes from transporters offering both. Ultimately, make the right decision by comparing prices.


When sending your vehicle long distances, there are numerous decisions that you need to make. From finding the appropriate company and considering insurance options to selecting whether you require door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal service and deciding between open or enclosed vehicle shipping based on budget and vehicle needs. Open transport tends to be cheaper while enclosed provides greater protection of your investment.

If your vehicle does not require extensive protection, open car shipping might be right for you. This method uses open trailers such as those seen driving along highways and pulling into auto dealership lots; bi-layered versions can even hold up to 10 vehicles at one time! Open shipping’s primary advantage lies in its affordability – which makes it the go-to choice for most.

If your vehicle is of great value or has sentimental significance, enclosed car shipping should be considered. Ensuring its safety will prevent damages like this that might otherwise arise and it’s more cost-effective than purchasing new one after moving – saving the cost associated with repairs! So if you need your car shipped quickly but are willing to pay a premium price for greater security then enclosed shipping could be your ideal solution.


When it comes to selecting open or enclosed car shipping, your primary considerations should be your vehicle’s value and needs. Open auto transport is generally cheaper and faster, yet more vulnerable to road debris and weather conditions; enclosed is more costly but provides superior protection and security for high-value cars. Both options provide safe transport of your vehicle – the one best suited to you depends upon both budget considerations and desired levels of safety.

Open carrier trucks don’t typically feature covers, enabling their driver to inspect your vehicle at every stop along their journey and inform you if any problems have developed with it. However, this method might not be appropriate if sending an exotic or classic vehicle.

Both options will get your vehicle to its destination quickly, though enclosed carriers often cost more. When transporting luxury or exotic cars, enclosed transport is always recommended as its increased protection and peace of mind are worth any additional costs associated with its purchase.


If you select open transport for your car delivery needs, your car will be loaded onto an open multi-car trailer which exposes it to the elements. Though rare, road debris could damage it during shipment.

Damage caused during vehicle shipping is usually less serious than you might imagine; using an auto transport company offering low-cost options with full coverage insurance will protect you in case any damages occur during transport. Select the option best suited to both your budget and value of vehicle when selecting a car shipping company.

Open carrier car shipping is often the cheapest and fastest method of vehicle shipping (source: while being quick and straightforward. Most vehicles shipped using open carriers are driven into and stacked atop each other during transport; however, enclosed transport may be a better fit if your vehicle requires any special consideration or features such as advanced electronics.

Enclosed transport is more costly, but provides your car with maximum protection during shipping. A carrier will load your car into an enclosed trailer with walls and roof to protect it against other cars or bad weather, thus decreasing the chance of it being damaged in transit.

Most carriers utilize hard-side trailers resembling moving company trucks or semi-trailer freight to transport your vehicle in, using either tin or aluminum shells as protection. Some carriers also provide soft-sided trailers which combine hard shells in front, back and top with tight canvas tightening around each side for additional security.