Best 1st birthday decorations ideas in 2021

Best 1st birthday decorations ideas in 2021

We believe that the parents of the baby also deserve a pat on their back as they have taken all ups and downs and survived the first year of baby! You might feel like it has not been longer than your kid has grown so fast and their first birthday is already around the corner. First birthdays are always a big deal. Now, this special day calls for celebration with 1st birthday party that ought to be as cheery, memorable and fun as possible. Few things need to be kept in mind while giving attention to the baby as well as the party. While throwing a first birthday party, the most important rule while planning is to KEEP IT SHORT and simple. Another secret to a successful 1st birthday party is a selection of the right 1st birthday party theme and the 1st birthday party decoration.

Read up below listed some of the creative and best 1st birthday decorations ideas in 2021.

1. Have Fun with Balloons

One of the most inexpensive ways for the decoration of 1st birthday decoration can be balloons. The addition of tons of awesome to your baby’s first birthday decoration can be balloons that would add more style, flair, and color to your special day. As balloons are going to be part of the party anyway, you might be figuring out a creative and unique way to set them up. The addition of balloon arch, floating them in the air, or clubbing them with some other 1st birthday party decoration stuff can get you the decorations in order before your party without spending much time and money. From colorful balloons, latex, confetti to foil balloons or even themed balloons can be quite a lot of impressive for your 1st birthday decoration at home!

2. Banners and Foil Curtains That Do the Magic

Just don’t tell people that it is your child’s first birthday, show them! Save space on your design and communicate your kid’s special day with a stunning banner for your kid’s 1st birthday party theme with a banner. A banner that reads the birthday message. There can be countless ways to customize and enhance your 1stbirthday decoration for a boy or girl with the addition of a foil balloon banner or a banner with the message. Think outside of the box and try something unconventional to enhance the party space.

3. Everything Pink Pastel or Blue Pastel

It is well said that colors can really change the look of the entire 1st birthday party decoration and it can even know to impact your party mood. While the 1st birthday party theme can be just as chic, there is something more about an energetic pastel color scheme to express your party design aesthetic. Go for pastel balloons, banners, swirls, hanging décor, and warm light that truly speaks your style and statement.

4. A Theme-Based Decoration

A 1st birthday party theme-based decoration, especially to accentuate your kid’s birthday. Kids love cartoons, Disney characters, sports, animals, and certain things that you can think of adding as the main theme of the celebration. Consideration of theme does not only make your 1st birthday decoration task easy and quick but also makes a great impact on the vibe of the party. Throw a unicorn celebration if your child loves unicorns. You can also have a sports-themed party if you want.

5. Photo Calendar Banners to Treasure The Memories

Parents are crazy about treasuring even the smallest memories of their growing kid since birth. This can be one of the thoughtful ideas to add to your kid’s 1st birthday party decoration this time. Get all the captured and cute memories to the party with the addition of a photo calendar banner. Amaze your guests with this admirable 1st birthday decoration idea to make the day more memorable.

6. 1st Baby Boy or Baby Girl Photo Booth For Your Backdrop

The photo booth trend has become one of the best addition when it comes to 1st birthday decoration for a girl or boy. Want your child’s celebration to be more fun and colorful? You surely can’t miss out on having pretty photo booth props for their 1st birthday decoration. They add life to the celebration and photos as well. Zealous and vibrant photo booth props can prove to be an icebreaker for your celebration so leave no stones unturned to surprise your guests with something unique this time!

7. Birthday Special Cap to Add Stylish Statement

Kids often look cute wearing adorable birthday special caps. Make a stylish statement on their 1st birthday with the addition of some uniquely designed birthday caps. Get caps for the little guests as well to add fun to the celebration. Make sure that the caps are comfortable enough to be worn for longer.

8. Flag Banners For Decoration

We have already talked about birthday banners but there is one more thing that you might be missing out on! A flag banner for 1st birthday decoration that surely can add life to your party decoration. Regardless of your kid’s 1st birthday party decoration, the addition of an extra flag banner can be a cherry on the top to enhance the beauty of your celebration.

9. Birthday Swirls for Adornment

Swirls are never going to be out of trend and are always a matter of gossip for every 1st birthday decorations. Get some colorful or your kid’s birthday-themed swirls to add the finishing touch to your first birthday decoration at home. Swirls can be wonderful when added to balloons or any other area to make a stylish statement.

10. Tiara and goggles

Last but not the least, tiaras and goggles can be another fun element that you can add to your kid’s first birthday. Imagine your baby girl wearing a tiara along with her cute birthday dress! She will sure look no less than a baby princess. Goggles can be perfect for both baby girl or baby boy. So, why not add something more extra that can be a stylish statement too!

So, if you have made up your mind on trying your hands on something different and extra unique for your happiest day of life, we believe the above-listed essentials can be best to enhance the 1st birthday party decorations.

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