Basic Car Maintenance Every Mom Should Know

Caring for your car doesn’t have to take loads of time. As a mom, you don’t have much of that as it is, which means you need to know the basic car maintenance items that can keep your vehicle moving from school to the sports fields to music practice. Here are some of the things you need to keep track of to prevent costly repairs in the future.

Wash Your Car

Your new Honda for sale looks amazing coming off the lot, but after a few weeks on the road, the grime and dirt start to build up. Make a point to wash your car at home or head to a car wash on a regular basis to protect your exterior from the elements. This prevents costly repainting jobs. Plus, it’s a fun outing to occupy the kids for a bit.

Know Your Car Inside and Out

The owner’s manual may look intimidating, but it includes a lot of information about how your car works. It can help you understand what your car needs to keep running efficiently and has troubleshooting information when you aren’t sure what a certain dinging sound or alarm means. Read it a little bit at a time when you’re waiting in the carpool line.

Get an Oil Change

Oil changes are an essential maintenance task to keep your car going for years. The oil helps the engine run smoothly, leading to lower repair costs in the future. Learn how to change your oil or head to your local auto shop to get it done.

Schedule Your Maintenance Visit

Yearly maintenance visits at your dealership or trusted mechanic are an excellent way to make sure you catch any issues as early as possible. You may not notice a belt wearing out or a loose bolt, but your mechanic can. They can fix it now to prevent major repairs down the line.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Inside your owner’s manual, you’ll find the ideal pressure for your tires. You can check the pressure yourself with a tire gauge. Make sure they’re in the right range to improve your gas mileage and reduce tire wear.

Know the Warning Lights

Many warning lights aren’t indicating a serious problem, but a minor one that can be fixed fairly quickly. Sometimes, an alarm means you have low gas or are in need of a scheduled service. Other times, it can show a low coolant level or uneven tire pressure. When you know what they mean, you don’t have to stress out when one starts going off in the middle of the day.

Keep Your Car Running Efficiently With Basic Maintenance

As a mom, you want to keep your kids safe on the road. Basic maintenance can give you peace of mind that your car is running as efficiently as possible to prevent any major issues or safety hazards. Plus, you’ll gain confidence knowing you can take care of the car because you have a list of things to keep you on top of it.