Baby’s First Day Out: 5 Top Tips for a Stress-Free Outing

Baby’s First Day Out: 5 Top Tips for a Stress-Free Outing

New parents are often excited to take their newborn outside for the first time, as it will introduce them to new sights, sounds, and experiences.

As exciting as it might feel to enjoy some fresh air with your little bundle of joy, the day out can feel a little stressful without the right products and tactics.

Ensure your baby has a successful first day out. Read these five top tips for a stress-free outing.

1. Choose a Small Adventure

You must not push yourself too soon after having a baby, as you might need to physically recover from childbirth. Also, you might not have all the items in a diaper bag to care for your baby’s needs throughout the day.

For these reasons, you must avoid planning a huge day out and choose a smaller outing, such as visiting a local park or store.

Avoid crowded environments that might increase your stress levels, such as restaurants or malls. A small day out will build up your confidence when using a stroller and help you learn from any mistakes, such as forgetting a muslin cloth or baby toy.

2. Consider Your Baby’s Feeding Times

The last thing you will want is for your baby to cry with hunger when in public. Consider your baby’s feeding times to ensure they feel full before leaving your home.

If you’re breastfeeding your baby, you might worry about feeling self-conscious when nursing in public. Yet, you can purchase a stylish, long sleeved breastfeeding top to help you discreetly and quickly nurse your newborn without hassle.

If your baby is formula fed, place a fresh bottle in a diaper bag to prevent a hungry baby and use it within two hours, but it must remain at room temperature.

3. Check the Weather

Always check the weather forecast before stepping outdoors with your newborn.

Babies under six months should never sit in direct sunlight during summer, and they must wear loose clothing and a sunhat.

Keep your newborn wrapped up during winter and ensure their hands and feet are warm. Always dress your newborn in one layer more than you during cold temperatures.

4. Pack Essentials

Pack your diaper bag like a pro to avoid quickly returning home for a diaper or outfit change. Stock it with various essentials to ensure you have everything you need when out and about.

For instance, the bag should include:

  • Diapers (one for every hour you’re away from the home)
  • Baby wipes
  • Diaper sacks
  • Diaper cream
  • Spare clothing and vests
  • Toys
  • Feeding essentials (such as muslin cloths, bibs, bottles, formula, etc.)

5. Test Your Stroller Before a Day Out

It is wise to familiarize yourself with your baby’s stroller before their first outing. Testing it out many days or weeks in advance will ensure you know how to fold it, set it back up, and secure the brake. You can then fold it in your car’s trunk with ease and set it back up in a stress-free manner.