Are hoverboards allowed on planes?

Close up of man driving hover-board.

Hoverboards have now become the most demanding commuting device in recent times. People just cannot get enough of this gadget, as people take their hoverboards everywhere with them. They just love riding it so much. After the introduction of one wheel hoverboards in the market, they have gained even much more popularity. To know more about hoverboards, you can visit as well.

Are hoverboards allowed planes? This is a very frequently asked question. To give you a simple yet comprehensive answer we have prepared a guide for you. I hope that after reading this article, you will be able to tell everyone why hoverboards are not allowed on planes.

What efforts are made to make these hoverboards carry on airlines? If you want to use your hoverboard on your vacations, then we will provide you with a method that will make your wish come true. It is advised that you read this article carefully to increase your knowledge

General Answer

If you have planned your vacation where you thought you would take your hoverboard with you and ride it, then you will be disappointed to know that you are not allowed to bring your hoverboard on the airplane.
Hoverboards are not allowed on airplanes because of their capability to exploding. One such incident happened earlier. So when you bring your hoverboard to the airport, the authorities will immediately confiscate it.

Why hoverboards are so famous?

Hoverboards are self-balancing electric machines that are easy to operate and easy to handle. If you want to ride a hoverboard then, little practice is enough to ride it easily. This ease of usage is one of the major contributing factors to the fast-growing popularity of hoverboards.
When there is an increase in demand then you are bound to find a cheap quality hoverboard in the market. These cheap low-quality hoverboards do not follow the safety protocols which in results leave a damaging impact on the hoverboard industry.
This is one of the biggest and top-most reasons you cannot take your hoverboard on the plane. Due to the battery of hoverboard is prone to explosion; many states in the US have banned hoverboard to be carried on the airplane.
This article will serve as a comprehensive guide on the rules and regulations for the different states of the USA. As you now have learned the biggest reason why hoverboards are no allowed on planes, we recommend you to read the full article to learn more about this topic.
Usually, you can buy a beginner level but a good hoverboard in 200 USD. Well, in my opinion and prespective, it’s not bad at all.

Reason for a ban on hoverboards on airplanes

Like we mentioned earlier the main culprit behind the ban on hoverboards is their tendency to explode. But one must think why do these hoverboards explode? Why such an incident happened where the hoverboard was found to be on fire.
The answer to this question is simple. “Cheap or low quality Hoverboards”. Yes, some companies deliberately make hoverboards with cheap and faulty materials to cut costs. In our research, we found out that Lithium-ion batteries are considered the best of hoverboards but if you take a look in the market you can find many unlabeled hoverboard batteries.
These unlabeled and unstable are the main cause of explosions. These low-quality batteries heat up due to technical issues, sometimes overcharging or hot weather makes these batteries heat up, which ultimately leads to an explosion.
Airlines operating in the USA have no choice but to ban hoverboard over reported incidents of exploding batteries. Presently the authorities in the USA have made it mandatory for hoverboards to get a UL2272 certification to be sold in the states.

It is this certification that ensures that the hoverboard is safe from expulsions. All hoverboard manufacturing companies must achieve this UL2272 certification.

Ban on hoverboards

Although the UL2272 Certification ensures that the hoverboard will be safe from fire or explosion but still airline companies operating in the US have but a ban on hoverboards. Every passenger airline has its own set of rules and regulations. They also have their own safety measures.
These safety measures are absolutely necessary for the flight to be safe, any doubt or distrust in the mind of the passenger will cost these airlines millions of dollars.

An alternative method to take your hoverboard on with you on your vacation

As discussed earlier there is a way to take your hoverboard with you when you go on a vacation. The method might surprise you by how simple it is. You can ship your hoverboard to your vacation location either by ship or ground service.
It is advised that you ship your hoverboard one day before leaving for your vacation destination.
In this article, we have answered your question “are hoverboards allowed on planes?”, on top of just providing you with a simple yes-no answer we have gone into great details behind the logic and the reasoning of our answer. One wheel hoverboards that are very famous nowadays are also not allowed in planes.
We have also mentioned alternative ways for you to enjoy your hoverboard on your vacation and make your trip memorable.