Alarming Alcohol Facts You Should Know About

Alarming Alcohol Facts You Should Know About

Most of the time, when you hear the word alcohol, what comes to mind is partying, adventure, people having a good time, or relaxation. Despite the known harmful effects of consuming alcohol, most people still drink it. Whether you drink every weekend or once in a while, you should understand the effects of alcohol on both your mental and physical health. Alcohol abuse is among the leading preventable deaths currently. It affects relationships, livelihoods, and one’s general outlook. Here are some alarming facts about alcohol you should know about.

Alcohol Worsen Depression and Anxiety

Most people turn to alcohol as a way of escaping their problems. This is also referred to as self-medication, the leading cause of substance misuse and eventually leading to one developing the substance-use disorder. Alcohol has been known to make mental health issues worse, particularly anxiety and depression. This happens because alcohol alters your brain chemistry when you make it you’re go-to for dealing with general stressors of life. As a result, your brain cannot handle stressful situations well. This is how addiction forms. If you are dealing with mental health issues and alcohol addiction, you can click here to get help in handling both conditions.

Alcohol is The Leading Addictive Substance Commonly Used

Have you ever noticed how common alcohol is in your everyday life? It is widely accepted on any occasion and is used in many food recipes. In the US, it is considered a recreational hobby and a way of relaxing after a long day or week. Whether you are an alcoholic or drink occasionally, it does not dispute that this is the most consumed addictive substance.

 Many Students Have Been Assaulted by Someone Drunk

About 696,000 students aged between 18 and 24 have been assaulted by a peer who was drinking. Unfortunately, these are the cases reported. Everyone knows that a lot of assault cases go unreported, which increases the number. In addition, about 50% of college sexual assaults involve alcohol use, with 74% of perpetrators having drunk before the assault.

Alcohol Alters Your Brain

The human brain is powerful and easily adapts to its environment. For instance, if you move from a warm to a cold place, you may suffer headaches or even get sick. After some time, both your body and brain adapt to your surroundings. That is the same way alcohol alters your brain. You start drinking as a way to cope, and with time, one glass is no longer enough. You keep increasing your alcohol consumption because one glass is no longer enough to give you the high you are looking for. That is how one becomes an addict.

Binge Drinking Can Be Dangerous

One of the scariest things about alcohol among the younger generation is heavy drinking. Teenagers or college students are highly influenced by social settings or parties, increasing the risk of binge drinking. Unfortunately, drinking heavily within a small amount of time can be fatal. When someone has a hangover, they usually say they feel like dying. However, binge drinking can actually kill you. Alcohol affects the body’s nervous system, a part that controls functions like breathing and heart rate. In addition, most people vomit after drinking alcohol. Thanks to your gag reflex, you can vomit without suffocation. When heavy drinking messes with your gag reflex, you can choke on your own vomit and die if you do not get help immediately.

In today’s society, alcohol is often hyped. However, what most people fail to factor in are the harmful consequences it can have on an individual and society. Knowing the risks associated with excessive alcohol consumption can help people make informed choices.