Add to the Wedding Day Sparkle with These 10 Unique Gifts

Add to the Wedding Day Sparkle with These 10 Unique Gifts

For most people, the day they get married is the happiest day of their life. While it might be chaotic and a bit stressful, it should ultimately be a day of joy and bliss. As one of likely a few hundred people giving the happy couple a wedding gift, you want yours to stand out so they feel enthusiasm, excitement, and appreciation when they open it. Here is a list of 10 unique wedding gifts you’ll feel proud to give to the newlyweds.

1. Fellow Stagg Gooseneck Kettle. This super unusual and curiously interesting electric pot is made of stainless steel with a matte black finish and walnut wooden handle. The sleek spout is specifically designed for precision streaming and flow rate, which is so important when fashioning just the right cup of tea. Also a pour over kettle for those who prefer coffee. This kettle is elegant and beautiful and will take center stage on any kitchen counter.

2. Wood Marble Wine Chiller. This piece from Crate & Barrel has a turned mango wood base with a sleeve of white marble with grey veining. An excellent conductor, marble is a timeless and stylish material that turns the chiller into a real work of art. Each is one of a kind and is perfect for keeping rose and white wines cool for hours.

3. Gift Card. There is one sure-fire way of knowing that the newly betrothed couple will love your gift, and that is to give them gift cards. With purchasing freedom in their hands, they can shop vendors and merchants all over the world to get what they truly desire. And, it is their wedding, after all, so why give them anything less?

4. Professional Portrait from Photo. Turn their engagement photo into an illustration of some type. There are many creative avenues to explore including a sketch, poster, cartoon, woodcut, watercolor, and more. Take into account their own personalities and décor, and use that to decide what they would most connect to and appreciate!

5. Aroma Om® Deluxe Diffuser. The right diffuser has two functions – the first is to add beauty and class to the home, and the second is to circulate essential oils for the benefit of relaxation or energizing. This deluxe diffuser mists for nearly a full continuous day, has three timer settings and automatically shuts off (because newlyweds usually have other things on their minds).

6. Chain Reaction Ceramic Vase. This incredibly unique and conversation starting vase comes in two different finishes – beige and white. Made of 100% ceramic and offered by Missoma, these vases might just steal the show from the flowers inside of them. Hand-painted with gold handles, the Chain Reaction Ceramic Vase is a statement piece the newlyweds will proudly display anywhere in their home.

7. We Found Each Other Custom Puzzle. Available through Uncommon Goods, this distinctive puzzle celebrates the geographical location where the soon-to-be-wedded couple found each other. It’s an aerial view of their meeting spot, and covers one square mile of the area. Individual pieces that spell “We Found Each Other” create an adorable and loving touch.

8. Personalized Family Recipe Board. The family that cooks together laughs and grows together. And most families have a recipe (or two or five) they hand down from one generation to the next for safekeeping and to keep tradition going. This personalized recipe board is customized on either maple or cherry wood, and takes not just the recipe but the handwriting as well (which is just as important) and etches it onto the cutting board. They’ll cherish it from day one.

9. Antique Glass Fruit Bowl. Presented by World Menagerie, this decorative fruit bowl has fruit and décor in mind. It’s wide enough to house several pieces of fruit and is made of thick glass with scalloped edging to flow smoothly with any room décor. The durable iron frame boasts arched bar handles and scroll feet to ensure its solid table centerpiece standing.

10. Personalized Coasters. Available from Etsy, choose the newlywed’s favorite décor color – grey, black or brown, and add a bit of grandeur and grace with one of many classic designs motifs. The couple’s wedding date and names may be added or you can keep it simple with the first letter of a last name. Made of leather and water resistant, six coasters fit snuggly into a round leather coaster holder for display on any end or coffee table.

Add a bit of sparkle to their wedding day with a gift that’s sure to stand out and be recognized. They’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness and start their journey together off right.