A Step by Step Guide for Removing Car Stickers

Removing Car
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Applying stickers to your cars is easy but removing those applied stickers is way more difficult and hectic. You have to be very patient while removing car stickers as a single mistake can peel off our car’s paint.

In this article, we will provide you a step-by-step guide for removing your car stickers.

Table of Contents

Here Is a List of Things That You Will Need for the Process

  1. A hairdryer.
  2. A razor blade (if your sticker has to be removed from glass).
  3. A Plastic Card.
  4. Some clean rags.
  5. A sap remover solution.
  6. Glass cleaning solution (in case of glass).

Step 1

Clean the sticker and its surrounding area thoroughly to make sure that it is free of any dirt and debris because your car’s paint may get damaged by dirt and debris when you will begin to peel off your sticker. The best thing will be to take your car for a wash before beginning the removal process.

Step 2

Heating the sticker will reduce the strength of the adhesive making it easy to remove. Put your hairdryer on the highest heat setting and hold it a few inches above the sticker and spread the heat evenly. You have to start to peel off the sticker from its edges so it is important to heat the edges properly. Continue this for at least 2 to 3 minutes. One thing you must keep in mind while heating is you should not directly place your dryer on the top of the sticker. In case you do not have a dryer hot water will also do.

Check out some awesome templates of car stickers.

Step 3

You have to perform this step immediately after step 2. Take your plastic card hold it at an angle and slowly scrape the edges by moving the card back and forth. You have to do this a few more times till the edges come up. Once the edges come up you can pull it off easily with your hand.

If you are removing the sticker from the glass then instead of a plastic card you can either use a box cutter or a razor blade. But remember, box cutter and razor blade are only for the glasses do not use them on the paint.

Step 4

Even after peeling off the sticker a small amount of adhesive will remain on the surface, to remove it, you have to use a sap remover solution. Apply the solution onto a rag or a piece of cloth and rub the surface properly. Use a glass solution in case of glass. Vinegar will also work if you do not have a sap remover solution. According to Bob Villa, vinegar diluted with water is also best for removing sticker residue.


After removing the residues clean the surface with a soap solution and then dry it thoroughly for making it ready for wax.

Step 6

Removing the sticker will expose the paint underneath it. So to protect the paint apply some car wax. If you do not know how to apply car wax then follow the instruction on the label and get it done.


These are the 6 steps that you must follow for removing car stickers. Follow these steps and prevent harming your car’s paint.

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