8 Reasons To Watch The Office TV Show

8 Reasons To Watch The Office TV Show

Ever since the American version of The Office first premiered to critical acclaim in 2005, it has been a perennial favorite amongst television fans, capturing many awards and much praise. So, why should you watch the show now if you’ve never seen it before? Well, here’s why:

1: It’s Actually Funny

One of the most common complaints you hear about the Office TV show is that it isn’t as funny as the British original. That may be true; many gags from the Ricky Gervais version don’t work when transplanted to Steve Carell’s surroundings. The difference between the two versions is that, while the British Office is a very funny show, the American Office is actually a comedy.

2: The Characters Are Relatable

Watching Dwight, Michael, and the rest of the Dunder Mifflin bunch week in and week out can be hilarious as long as you don’t take them too seriously. In fact, it’s their flaws and all-too-human personalities that make each character more relatable. And who hasn’t worked with one Michael Scott?

3: The One-Liners

There are hundreds of one-liners that can be applied to everyday life. Just take a look at these The office quotes and you’ll get a feel for why the show has so many fans.

4: The Jokes Are Organic

It may seem obvious, but the Office TV show is actually funny for many reasons. First and foremost, it’s because the jokes are natural; they grow organically from character quirks and observations on everyday life. There are no contrived situations or canned punchlines.

5: The Actors Are Great

It’s easy to appreciate Steve Carell for his physical comedy, but the actor who deserves the most praise is probably John Krasinski, who plays Jim Halpert. Most of the show’s funniest scenes come from just watching Jim react to the madness around him.

6: The Relationships Are Realistic

Every relationship on the Office TV show is complex. From Michael’s unrequited affection for Jan to Roy and Pam’s long-term commitment, there is never a clear-cut answer in regards to who wants what in any given situation. This makes many of the predicaments the characters find themselves in much more realistic and relatable.

7: The Characters Are Unique

Every character on the TV show has his or her own distinct personality. Even characters with small parts, like Stanley and Creed, play largely to type but still manage to be interesting in their own way. This is the mark of great writing; it’s hard to imagine any other actors playing these roles.

8: The Guest Stars Are Amazing

There are some great guest stars who appear on the show in recurring roles, like Idris Elba (Charles Miner), Will Ferrell (Deangelo Vickers), and Amy Ryan (Holly Flax). But for every actor that appears on the TV show who’s memorable, there are dozens of cameos from big-name actors who just make you say, “Hey, it’s that guy!” Overall, it’s easy to see why it’s a great show.