6 Tips for Buying an Electric Scooter for Kids

6 Tips for Buying an Electric Scooter for Kids

Electric scooters nowadays have become popular among kids also. Your child likes the thrill of riding on the scooter. Yet, as a parent, you need to consider a few things before buying the scooter. This article will give you six tips for buying an electric scooter for kids. We hope that it will help you.

1) The attitude of your kids: 

Every kid has a different temperament. Therefore, you need to buy an electric scooter according to your child’s attitude. If your child is relatively calm and relaxed, you don’t need to hesitate to buy the scooter.

Another thing you should closely observe is how your child reacts while riding on the scooter. Their attitude may change when riding on a scooter at maximum speed.

In that case, you must caution them. You must warn your kids about the risk of operating an electric scooter wildly.

Your kid’s skill in bike riding will become handy when they start to learn about operating scooters. If your child is a little impatient and has a risk-taking tendency, you should think about purchasing a low-speed scooter.

Your child may also tend to impress their friends by making risky moves. In that case, you need to select a scooter that can limit their risk-taking ability.

Overall, your child’s attitude will provide you with the proper direction in buying a scooter. You can select a scooter per their behavior.

2) Scooter size: 

You should consider the scooter size while buying the electric scooter for kids. It would be best to buy a scooter that suits your child’s body structure.  Big-sized scooters have more features and designs that can attract you. But, it would help if you did not buy those kinds of scooters.

Your little child will not be able to ride on those oversized scooters properly. In a most alarming scenario, it can cause an accident for your children. If your child is small, you should select a light and small electric scooter. You should also check various parts of the scooter, like the height of handlebars and seat size.

Sometimes, parents buy a larger scooter, thinking that their child will grow in the future. However,  this is not wise. Your kids need to have confidence in themselves.  If they can’t operate their scooter correctly, it may cause serious harm to their self-confidence.

3) Electric scooter control: 

Control of an electric scooter is one of the vital factors you should consider before buying the scooter. You want your child to control the e-scooter while going through the busy street.

Your child may feel overwhelmed when they can not control the electric scooter correctly. It can lead to negative consequences as your kid decides to quit riding on the scooter. You should cautiously observe the performance of your child.

If your child feels less confident, you can teach them to ride in your house’s backyard.

You can make your relationship with your kid stronger by teaching them how to ride on the scooter.

4) Electric scooter footwear rules: 

Footwear rules are essential when you are riding on an electric scooter. Like, you can not choose to wear sandals while riding on a scooter. Thus, it would help if you prohibited your kid from wearing sandals while riding on a scooter.

You should select shoes or sneakers for your kid to ride on a scooter. Shoes and sneakers are the most suitable for the e-scooter. It gives riders a grip, which is essential since it prevents riders from falling on the street.

It would help if you examined your kid to ensure that they are wearing shoes or sneakers correctly.  Even minor errors can lead to accidents or injuries to your child.

5) Traffic safety rules: 

You can not let your child go in the busy streets without teaching them traffic safety rules. There are some standard rules for traffic safety. Those rules should assist your child in moving on the roads properly.

Those rules include-

  1. I) Pushing their scooter while arriving at a busy road.
  2. II) Your child should always select a bicycle path while riding on the electric scooter.

III) Your kids should be cautious about cars on the road while riding

Those rules may sometimes seem too complex to your child. In that case, you can slowly explain those rules step by step to them. Your teaching will make your kids realize the importance of those rules.

6) Battery life: 

Recently, electric scooters have rechargeable batteries that take 1 to 6 hours to charge fully. It would be best if you chose a scooter that takes less time to charge fully, and you can ride on it for a decent amount of time. 


You have to remember some factors and tips before purchasing a scooter for your kids. This article has given six essential tips for buying an electric scooter for kids. We expect those tips will help you buy a proper e-scooter for your kids.