5 ways to use Peelable wallpaper for fun projects with your kids

Peelable wallpapers

Removable wallpapers also known as peel and stick or peelable wallpapers have completely changed the way parents decorate their kid’s rooms, especially for renters. Everybody now has a chance and ability to add the color and pattern to the walls while retaining no damages. Unlike the traditional wallpapers that were permanent and very expensive to install, these Wallpapers are very easy to install and leave no damages. So what are the best ways to use these wallpapers for fun projects with your kids?

Temporary Flooring

Peelable wallpapers can be used as temporary flooring for spaces that are not so busy such as the kid’s bedroom. It’s a little controversial and one of the less utilized ideas but it can work greatly for you. The idea here is to apply the peel and stick wallpapers to the surface above the tiles and concrete. However, you need a lot of information to make this a reality. Luckily, there are countless tutorials with more depth of information. With the right information, it’s easy and a quick way of changing the look of the hard flooring.

Lining Kitchen Cabinets

This is the right project to take with your kids. It’s the best if you want to transform the inside of the kitchen cabinets. However, for renters, it can be a little difficult because there’s little you can do with the more permanent features of the kitchen such as installing new countertops, re-tiling, and removing the wall cabinets. Unless your landlord is very contented with this idea, you might have to dismiss it entirely. However, you shouldn’t let that get you down; there are other superficial ways of adding a little personality in your kitchen. You can try removing the cabinet doors for a start and get an open plan shelving-type feel.

Wallpapers on the ceiling

Do you want to create a beautiful and calm feeling in your daughter’s room? If yes, then you can pick floral peel and stick wallpaper and use them on the ceiling. The fact is that most parents usually forget about the fourth wall in our rooms especially when it comes to decorating with the wallpapers. Get your daughter or son involved in wallpapering the ceiling. This project will actually add character and improve the look in the room. However, wallpapering the walls is trickier and time consuming.

Use Wallpaper to decorate the Furniture

You might not be very pleased with the paints in your furniture. For this reason, you can prepare a family project with your kids to decorate the furniture with peel and stick wallpapers. Some parents might consider repainting the furniture but this project can create more mess.

Wallpapers on the walls (Accent)

Lastly, let’s talk about the most popular wallpaper use. Wallpapers can easily be used to create an accent wall. This is a cost-effective project that you can take with the whole family. However, you have to choose the right kind of style and a wallpapered accent that will bring your preferences to light.


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