5 Tips to Design a Successful Bumper Car Sticker

Bumper Car Sticker
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People use car stickers or decals for different purposes such as sharing information or advertising their business. There is some specific kind of stickers, whose objective is to spread messages. These special kinds of stickers are known as bumper car stickers. People usually apply bumper stickers on their vehicles.

The bumper stickers can be anything from humorous to religious. Apart from that, many organizations use bumper car decals to advertise their business. As the demand for bumper stickers is increasing, manufacturers are forced to increase their production.

However, you need to use your creative mind to design bumper stickers the capture attention of people. If you want your stickers to stand out from your competition, you must remember a few things while designing your bumper stickers.

In this article, we will discuss 5 tips that can help you to design an attractive and mind-blowing bumper sticker that will help you to enhance the success of your business. Continue reading the article to know more.

What are the Important Designing Tips?

Most people have a good visual memory. This means that when a person notices a unique and attractive form of advertisement, the information gets crucified in their brain. Additionally, the person remembers all information regarding the business. Let’s discuss 5 tips to design attractive bumper car decals.

Use Simple Messages

If you want to add your brand’s message in bumper stickers, make sure the message is simple. If you use some complex and long messages, the audience will feel bored. Additionally, they will feel stress when they try to decipher the meaning of your message.

This is why you should always use small but meaningful messages in your bumper car stickers. Be precise with your words as people won’t get enough time to look at your stickers and read the messages.

Generate Curiosity

People are always curious to know the second or remaining part of a message or story. Hence, try not to disclose the entire message of your business in the stickers. When you tell them half of the story, the audience will become curious about your brand. The message of your sticker should be short but interesting so that people will visit your store or website.

Make Sure the Stickers are Uniquely Shaped

Bumper stickers usually have a rectangular shape. However, you can showcase your creativity by trying some different shapes. Maybe you need to spend some extra money, but it will be worth it in the end. Additionally, an amazing and uniquely shaped sticker will help you to stand out from the crowd. However, make sure the shape suits your business’s nature.

As per Thenewswheel, be careful while applying and removing bumper stickers on your car otherwise it might affect the paint job.

Use Good Font Size

This is another important tip you should remember while designing your bumper sticker. You should always use a large font size for your stickers. Aside from that, remember that the majority of your bumper car decal is taken by the headline of your business. You can make the fonts easy to read by using both the upper case and lower case letters. Some readable and beautiful fonts include Impact, Arial, and Interstate, etc.

Use Bright Colors

If you want to increase the visibility of your bumper sticker from a long distance, then choose bright colors while designing the stickers. You can always choose two colors that can highly contrast each other. Try to choose some good color combinations such as royal blue and white, yellow and black and so on.


These are the 5 bumper car sticker designing tip you should always remember. When you implement these tips, you’ll be able to take your car sticker advertising campaign to a whole new level. However, make sure to purchase stickers from a reputed company to get maximum benefits from the bumper stickers.



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