5 Steps to Take after a Car Accident in Texas

5 Steps to Take after a Car Accident in Texas
source: mccrawlawgroup.com

More than 2.4 million Americans are disabled or injured every year in a car accident. Over the course of the day, a person also gets involved in a car accident in Texas.

If you are involved in a car accident in Texas, knowing the right steps to take afterward is imperative. Some of the important steps to take are:

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1. Contact the Police

At times, after a car accident, all the involved vehicles can be safe to drive, and every party might only have minor injuries.

But it is still imperative to dial 911 and get a police report. Usually, a police report gives unbiased documentation of a car accident and will be helpful when settling a claim.

2. Get Medical Help

At times, injuries that a car accident causes may not be apparent immediately. Most report that they experience pain after two or three days following a car accident.

Unless you are sure that you are not injured, you need to seek medical help right away at a local hospital or from your family doctor.

Even if the accident involved minor impacts, you might still get permanent and serious injuries to the spinal cord. If you were dazed or lost consciousness for just a short while after the accident, it means you have suffered a closed head injury or concussion.

This, in turn, may result in behavioral and cognitive changes when left untreated. So it is necessary to have all these checked to make sure minor injuries don’t result in major problems.

3. Reach out to a Car Accident Lawyer

Even if you believe that the car accident wasn’t serious, you will never know which repercussions may pop up, and you have to be sure that you’re well protected.

Plus, you need a Dallas car accident lawyer when the insurance firm looks tough or refuses to pay for your injuries and damages.

After all, most insurance firms are always looking to pay the lowest possible amount, and they usually don’t have your best interests at heart. But your attorney has your back and will ascertain that your interests and rights are well protected.

4. Document Everything about the Accident

It will be better if you document everything regarding the car accident. Use that camera on your smartphone to take several pictures of your injuries and damages to the vehicle. Remember to as well take pictures of the surroundings and put down the street name and intersection.

If there are any witnesses, take down their details, including their statements. It can also be more beneficial for your case when those witnesses come forward in court and share what they really saw.

5. Contact Your Insurance Company

Following a car accident, you may want to reach out to your insurer. While you might not be at fault here, you will have to let your insurer know about the accident, especially if the party at fault is not insured.

Your insurer might as well provide your lawyer with helpful details about the party at fault and the insurance coverage he/she has.

Final Take!

All the steps you take following a car accident matter a lot. If you get involved in a car accident, whether or not you are at fault, you might want to contact your insurance firm, get medical treatment, call the police, gather evidence, and hire the best attorney to represent you.