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People die every day in truck accidents, while others are left nursing severe injuries for a lifetime. The reason why truck accidents are catastrophic is because of the impact involved. Trucks are weighty, and it is no joke when a heavily loaded truck crashes with a small vehicle. Many of the accidents happen due to truck driver negligence and are preventable. Here are five reasons you should hire a truck accident attorney when you find yourself in such a situation.

Serious injuries

Truck accident victims never realize that the at-fault truck driver’s insurance company starts to build their defense immediately afterward. It is advisable to engage a truck accident attorney if you were injured in a truck accident that wasn’t your fault.

Even if you carry partial blame for the crash, you can recover a percentage of the damages, and an attorney can help you figure out how. Truck accident injuries can be life-threatening, and pursuing a claim for serious injuries requires more experience and resources than only an attorney can provide.

Disputed fault

If there is a dispute on whether or not the truck accident driver was at fault, that is reason enough to hire a truck accident attorney. At times the police report may be vague, and the truck insurance company is protecting its interests, not yours. If they find a way to pin even the slightest bit of liability on your part, then they can pay way less for damages.

Furthermore, understanding road construction and truck accidents can be challenging, especially if you don’t know the law. An experienced truck accident attorney can objectively prove liability and deal with the insurance company.

Ongoing treatment

Engaging a truck accident attorney allows you ample time to focus on your recovery. Complicated injuries that result from truck accidents require long-term treatment, and the last thing you want is more stress from the insurance adjusters. An experienced truck accident attorney can build your case from day one and provide support as you undergo your treatment. Moreover, an insurance company may try to push you to accept a low amount, but your attorney pursues your best interests to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Lost wages

A truck accident that leaves you hospitalized for a long time with the loss of wages warrants the help of an attorney. You are entitled to recover all your lost earnings due to the truck accident. An attorney can prove that you are not able to work due to the injuries and arrange for expert witness testimony concerning future income loss.

Insurance company denials

The negligent truck driver’s insurance company only has its interests at heart and will find every reason to deny your claim. Plus, the truck company may have teams of investigators collecting information about the accident, which may be used to deny the claim. A truck accident attorney protects your rights and interests in such a case, ensuring you get your rightful compensation.

The bottom line

It is wise to seek the guidance of a truck accident attorney to explore your legal options if involved in a truck accident.