5 Novel Items to Treat Someone with This Christmas

5 Novel Items to Treat Someone with This Christmas

There’s no denying it – Christmas well and truly has come around quick, taking people by surprise. After all, it feels like it was summer only days ago! The fact that we are solidly into December is a wake-up call for many to get the Christmas shopping on the go, while the smug, organized gifters sit back knowing they did everything when November crept upon us.

If you have a special someone or someone(s) in your life that deserve some wonderful gifts to make them smile, we have you covered. Read this piece to find out more.

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Murder Mystery Puzzle

Puzzles and murder mysteries are loved by people all around the world. If you know someone who loves murder mysteries but also likes to do a jigsaw puzzle on a cold winter day, then why not consider this iconic combination as the ideal gift?

It has the relaxing nature of a 500 piece puzzle but also ramps up the mind by allowing the participant to uncover a murder while putting the pieces together – both physically and mentally.

An Eye-Catching Handbag

Handbags are definitely up there with being one of the most glamourous accessories someone can have. They can complete an outfit and carry all of our essentials wherever we go. So, what would you say if we told you could buy an iconic crystal bag shaped like a carousel, castle, or even a takeaway container?! Well, you can, over at judithleiber.com. It is worth noting here that this is a luxury item, so splurge on someone you really care about!

A Mini Projector

Sometimes there is nothing better than snuggling up to our loved ones and watching a movie. You do not need to miss the big screen at the theater anymore, though! Turn your or your friend’s front room into a cinema experience every night with a mini projector. This magical little bit of kit can be used anywhere there is a blank white space such as a wall or a sheet. As a present to yourself too, gift it to those who like to watch movies with you.

Pet Portrait

Plenty of people adore their pets, which is why commissioning a pet portrait is a great opportunity to gift them something that is close to their hearts. This could be a simple, minimalist line drawing or a full-blown oil painting – whatever you think they would like best and what would suit your budget. Plus – you will be supporting small artists too – which is like a little Christmas present for them as well.

A Subscription Box

A subscription box is a gift that can keep on giving. There are so many options out there now that you would find it difficult to find something that a recipient wouldn’t like! Plus, many businesses allow you not only a trial period but varying degrees of subscriptions. This means you do not have to fork out for a whole year if you think three months will be enough or if the recipient ends up wanting to change to something else.