5 Mouth-Watering Midwest Foodie Hotspots

5 Mouth-Watering Midwest Foodie Hotspots

The midwest is known for its friendly people and wild weather: but it should be known for the amazing culinary treats the locals cook up.  From cornish pasties to famous Chicago deep dish pizzas, you’ll fall in love with every city bite by bite!  Here are the top things to try.

Beef Pasties at Lehto’s Pasties

A pasty is a hand pie that’s filled with meat, potatoes, and sometimes vegetables.  These tasty pockets of food are originally Cornish, but the Upper Peninsula of Michigan has perfected them.  Lovingly called the original hot pocket by locals, this is a food you can travel with, eat one-handed, and avoid any mess or stress.  It’s the perfect dish for today’s busy population; just make sure to let it cool a little before you take that first bite.

Skyline Chili’s 3-Way

If you’re even in Cincinnati and see Skyline Chili, you may feel tempted to ignore it and keep going because of how it looks.  Don’t underestimate it based on how it looks, though!  This chain restaurant all over Ohio has a secret treasure that you can’t miss out on.  The 3-Way is loose beef chili ladled on spaghetti and then topped with a seemingly endless amount of cheese.  You can boost it to a 4-Way by adding black beans and white onions on top of that to make it a 5-Way.  This is the perfect food and will have you looking for Cincinnati houses for sale so that you can eat it more often! 

Chicago’s Mouthwatering Pizza

We’ve all heard of Chicago’s famous deep-dish pizza; it’s something you have to try if you’re ever in the area.  These pizzas take on the term pie almost literally, with a chunky sauce, plenty of toppings, and enough cheese to put an NYC pizza to shame.  Some eat it with a fork, others with their hands, but however you eat it, make sure to top with some red pepper flakes and a friendly sprinkle of parmesan to make it even cheesier.

Tater Tot Haute Dish in Minneapolis

If you want to get to know the flavors of Minnesota, there’s no better place to find them than at Haute Dish.  Named after a fun twist on the classic Minnesotan hot dish, this restaurant offers this classic with a twist.  Originally just ground beef, tots, and cream of mushroom soup, this restaurant boosts it by making everything high class, short rib with potato croquettes and porcini bechamel sauce.  It’s delicious and a great way to reacquaint yourself with the classic flavors of the area.

Chicago’s Classic Hot Dogs

Chicago’s hot dogs may be more famous than its pizza.  A Chicago dog is an all-beef hotdog on a poppy seed bun with a large array of toppings.  Most classically served with pickles, tomato, mustard, and onion, you can change it up and make it into whatever you want. The only thing most people swear by is not adding ketchup onto these dogs so that you can taste all of the toppings on their own. But, honestly, you can top it with whatever you want: it’s going to be delicious either way.