5 Most Expensive Ring Designs In London – 2021

5 Most Expensive Ring Designs In London – 2021

With new ring designs coming up every year, there is always competition among the costliest ones. After the market crash in 2020 because of Corona, the jewellery market is also trying to rise and so are designers. So we can hope to find some really precious and pricey rings in 2021. Here’s a list of 5 of the most expensive rings in London – 2021.

1. Vivo Per LeiAsscher cut

The Vivo Per Lei is the most expensive piece in London’s fortified jewellery boutique owned by ‘red carpet jeweller’ Samer Halimeh. It is an exquisite Asscher cut diamond ring of 65 carats. It has an emerald cut and is worth $20 million. The ring has one large emerald cut centre diamond and two water drop-shaped diamonds at the sides, held together by two conjoined platinum bands. Celebrities are often seen sporting it on and off on the red carpet for Oscars and other similar events.

2. De GRIOSOGONO Doppia ring

The De GRISOGONO is a Doppia style ring of 22.35-carat diamonds. The metal used for the band is white gold on which are embedded the beautiful arrays of breath-taking diamonds. The center diamond is a rectangular emerald cut and the rest of the band is covered with smaller princess cut diamonds. It is quite a big and flashy ring, worthy of its price. The diamonds used are of the highest quality with top color grading for each one.

3. Cartier Touch cushion cut ring

This one is much different than the other two as it has very delicate. The Cartier Touch has a cushion cut diamond that is held together on the ring by 4 prongs, one on each corner. The center diamond in the ring is 20.30 carat with a beautiful platinum band.  There are two smaller shield-shaped diamonds on the side that are 1.8 and 2 carats each. The overall design compliments delicate hands and looks wonderfully feminine. This one looks similar to the famous hidden halo engagement rings.

4. The Pink Star

The Pink Star is the most expensive ring among the ones that adorn a colored diamond. The diamond here is a gorgeous 59.60 carat Pink Star diamond. It is currently being sold for $72 million. It is the most flawless and vivid diamond ever graded by the Gemological Institute of America.

5. Black diamond Moissanite ring

Although Black diamonds aren’t the most costly among colored diamonds, they are considered rare because they form a niche. Not many people like to sport a black diamond on their fingers and it is a very specific choice. Given the lesser demand, the black diamond rings are custom-made according to the preference of the customer. This is the reason they are so expensive. A black diamond Moissanite ring has a cushion cut diamond and the band made of either white or rose gold, or platinum, all of which are pretty costly metals. The diamond has 4 prongs supporting its look. Tiny black diamonds adorn the rest of the band halfway. A few Hollywood celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Rachel Evan Wood were seen sporting the black diamond ring.

So if you’re a woman reading this and already bedazzled, give your partner a little dose of cold feet by sending this to them and have some fun. After all, everyone should dream big. If not for the most expensive rings, you can still get ones that are just as pretty and will fit your budget as well at the Hatton gardens jewellers. Now, lab grown diamond engagement rings are also available with broader options.