4 Reasons To Read Geiger

4 Reasons To Read Geiger
source: faze.ca

Geiger is a new comic book series with an apocalyptic twist. It centers around Tariq Geiger, a man who has somehow survived a nuclear war and come out on the other side with fantastic powers that lead him into all kinds of adventures and dangers. If you’re looking for an interesting read, give Geiger a try.

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Tariq Geiger is a family man. What he wants most is to protect and save his family from harm. This is why, twenty years ago, he hurried his family into a fallout shelter just as a nuclear strike was about to hit. Geiger, however, was not fortunate enough to make it into the shelter in time. Yet Geiger did not die. Rather, something in his makeup allowed him to transform into a glowing green skeleton that could handle the radioactivity of his environment.

Now Geiger must fight for good in a world filled with evil. He must fight the corrupt leadership that has taken over since the war. He must battle against the Organ People and the Nightcrawlers who prowl through the world looking for victims. All the while, Geiger longs to somehow get back to his family.


The world of this new comic, created by Geoff Johns, is bleak and terrifying. The nuclear war has left the landscape filled with radioactive fallout. Darkness and horror fill the world, making it into an expression of readers’ worst nightmares. Readers can’t help reflecting on how the real world might change if a nuclear disaster really does arise. Yet somehow, Geiger survives to fight his enemies even in this ghastly place.


These comics, from the creator of Stargirl, are filled with action. Danger lurks around every corner, and Geiger frequently runs directly into it. His enemies fear him, yet he must still fight, and fight he does. Geiger must go head to head against the “King” in Law Vegas, for instance. This corrupt “King” wants to expand his reign, but he needs to remove Geiger from the picture before he can, and he tries to do so in every way possible. Nothing works. Geiger survives, and he helps others survive with him but not without a struggle. This means plenty of action.


Finally, the Geiger comics are well-drawn by Gary Frank and colored by Brad Anderson. These two artists capture the post-nuclear landscape in all its desolate detail. They also depict Geiger himself in a green, glowing wonder. The illustrations support and contribute to the story, providing a captivating artistic interpretation.

If you are looking for a new comic read, then pick up Geiger, and dig right into this strange yet fascinating tale.