4 Home Projects to Complete Before the Fall

4 Home Projects to Complete Before the Fall

Home improvement projects aren’t all best done in the fall or just before winter closes in; some are ideal for summertime when the weather is less volatile. Here are four improvement projects that benefit from being completed before the leaves begin to fall.

Fencing Replacements

The fence that surrounds the backyard and confirms the property’s perimeter performs several functions. When tall enough, it can deter people from climbing over it to access the property. It also clearly marks where your land ends and someone else’s begins. It can be decorative too.

When you have fencing that’s deteriorated, rotten, or has a missing slat, it’s best to replace it before the cold, damp weather arrives. Using some oak fence boards to closely match the existing wooden fencing materials can work as a replacement. Re-staining the fence will help to blend it better too. Alternatively, if the fencing is too far gone, then a complete replacement is needed.

Fixing the Roofing

The roof requires semi-regular maintenance to keep it in a good condition. It’s untrue that roofs require zero maintenance for decades. Shingles become dislodged in storms, and gaps appear in the roofing structure that can let water penetrate to the lower levels. In time, this can create mold and other forms of bacteria in the home. Getting the roof inspected – especially if there have been previous signs of a potential water leak – is important as a summer project.

This avoids waiting until the fall or winter when rainfall is likely to have already caused internal damage. Many homeowners take advantage of their home warranty plan when it comes to bigger projects like roof repairs and replacements.


Window Replacement

A windowpane could have been broken from a stray ball when the kids were playing in the backyard. It could also have occurred after a storm. While the cracked window may not be a worry now, as colder weather descends, the insecure pane will surely let in a cold draft that will be felt. Getting any broken glass replaced in dry weather helps to create a dry seal for the new windowpane too.

Upgrade the Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling or replacement projects are not something that should leave until the winter. This is when the kitchen is needed to produce hearty meals to stay warm and avoid going out. While ordering in can solve that problem, it gets expensive fast to rely on Uber Eats or DoorDash for daily sustenance. While getting a new kitchen is inconvenient at any time of the year, the summer offers the opportunity to go out and enjoy the good weather. When doing so, eating out or picking up some food to enjoy outdoors doesn’t seem like a hardship. So, when the kitchen is being worked on, make life easier by intentionally losing access to it at the least awkward time.

For busy parents, it’s necessary to avoid trying to do too much. There’s already a sense of overwhelm. Therefore, only get one home improvement project underway at a time and pick the best season for it to avoid additional difficulties.

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