4 Exercise Tips for Moms

4 Exercise Tips for Moms

There is no doubt that becoming a mother must be one of the most challenging things someone can do. Not only does your life seize to be your own, but you are responsible for a whole other tiny human that is incapable of looking after themselves and needs your extensive care.

This means there is a good chance that moms do not always get the time they desperately need for themselves to maintain their wellbeing. This can include anything from eating a decent meal and not just what is leftover on their children’s plates to be able to exercise for the health of their body and mind.

Exercise is important for everyone, and it can be harder than ever for moms to be able to find the time to commit to getting or keeping fit when there are so many of life’s demands thrown at them.

This piece will discuss some exercise tips that moms can use to help get the ball rolling!

Start Off Slow

It can be easy to get carried away when you are excited about implementing something new into your life, anticipating all the changes that you hope it will bring. While that excitement and motivation is honorable, sometimes real life has other plans, as we have all come to learn the past couple of years. It can be much easier to feel like a failure if you are not able to execute your plans as seamlessly and vigorously as possible, which is the exact opposite of what you need. This is why it is worth starting off slow –you do not want to go too hard too soon, as this can cause an injury.

Starting off slow can entail a few things, such as giving yourself a small slot of time to work out, using the lowest weights, or choosing the easiest exercises to do. Whatever you choose, do not worry if you need a rest or to take it down a notch. Listen to what your body is telling you, and then go from there.

Incorporate Your Baby

You do not have to wait until your baby is asleep to get your body moving, especially when you will more than likely have other things to do! Why not take them with you? If the weather isn’t particularly cold, then a peak stroll or run can be a great way to work out while spending time with your child and also giving them some fresh air too!

There are also plenty of mother and baby exercise classes you can enjoy if you want to bring your little one along too. Just search for any in your local area to get started!

Listen To Your Body

If you have recently given birth, you might find that your body needs more time to recover. This recovery period can be different for everyone, and there is no shame in taking all the time you need until you feel ready. This is also where taking it slow comes in, as you can gauge how your body is responding to its new regime. The hormones released during pregnancy will have changed your body. An example of this would be joints and ligaments could be more relaxed, and this change can stay in the body for up to five months after birth.

You might find that you need to do extra stretching or take additional steps to help your muscles recover after a workout, and investing in a sports massage could really help! Read more here at Health by Science.

Get Your Mind Right

Unlike being a bodybuilder, whose sole job is to focus on working out and meal prep, you will most likely not have the time to put in this much detail and dedication, as many people can’t! This is why it is important to understand your limits, goals and allow for wiggle room in between. There will more than likely be nights where chicken nuggets and fries are going to be the easier option for everyone over a large salad with a grilled chicken breast. There will be times where getting in a quick nap is more important than doing 20 minutes’ worth of bodyweight exercises. If you accept this from the get-go, you should have a much easier time moving on when things do not go to plan. It is crucial to your success to understand that a few small setbacks will not undo all of your hard work and that you can carry on as normal whenever you can.