4 Corporate Travel Tips to Remember

4 Corporate Travel Tips to Remember

1.3 million business travel trips are taken every day in the United States. That’s a lot of people who get to travel for work! Are you one of them?

Corporate travel isn’t always fun. While you get to see new things and places, you’re on a strict schedule. If you don’t already have a fondness for traveling, the whole process can be a drag!

We’re here with a few quick travel tips that can make your next business trip better. Read on to learn more.

1. Pack Efficiently

Whether you’re a first-time traveler or you’ve been on and off of planes hundreds of times, it’s difficult to pack correctly. Everyone knows the struggle of, for whatever reason, packing four times as many clothes as they’ll need for a two-day trip.

When you’re traveling, especially for business, you don’t want to have to check a bag unless you absolutely have to. Checking a bag opens you up to delays or even lost items. It also costs you extra money.

Try to pack multi-functional clothing items if you’ll be away for several days. If something is bulky, wear it onto the plane instead of packing it (if possible).

Try to fill every inch of space. If you’re packing shoes, tuck socks and underwear into the shoes to maximize space, for example.

2. Bring Plenty of Chargers

When you’re traveling for business, you’re likely spending a lot of time on your various devices. Between your laptop, your phone, your tablet, and anything else that you need, you can’t afford to run out of power when you’re on the plane or on the go.

Yes, you can always buy an emergency charger at the airport, but you’ll be paying airport prices.

Double-check your luggage for your chargers before you leave. Keep them with you in your “small personal item” on the plane so you can access them during your flight.

If you’re traveling internationally, make sure that you have a converter.

Bonus tip: bring a rechargeable power bank. This way, if your devices start to run out of power, you don’t have to rely on public power sources.

3. Learn About the Airports

If you’re flying out of, or even just through, unfamiliar airports, we recommend doing your research ahead of time.

Look into what types of amenities each airport has to offer so you know what to expect when you get there. Some airports are so small that they don’t even have food options beyond vending machines.

Check on the average time it takes to get through TSA. If you’re used to a small and quick airport, you might end up with an unpleasant surprise if you’re leaving through a larger and more chaotic airport.

Even if you’re just traveling through an airport between flights, get an idea of how to get to the different terminals so you can move quickly in the event of a quick connection.

4. Track Your Receipts

One of the best benefits of traveling for business is that you get travel reimbursement. If you’re a new business traveler, it can be hard to remember to keep track of your expenses, but if you don’t, you might not get reimbursed!

There are several ways to track spending.

You could keep all of your receipts, but even with the best of care, it’s easy to lose track of all of that paper. Instead, take photos of your receipts and save them in a separate folder.

You can also use a business travel app, but you’ll have to collaborate with your employer to set it up.

Try These Corporate Travel Tips

Next time you have the opportunity for corporate travel, try some of these travel tips! They’ll make your trip easier, less stressful, and more enjoyable. Traveling for work can be fun!

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