3 Steps for a Healthy Divorce

3 Steps for a Healthy Divorce
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The subject of divorce is one that most married couples hope they will never have to consider. People tend to marry with the strong belief that marriage will last a lifetime, but unfortunately, this is not always the case in the modern world. The simple fact is that the needs and wants of people change over time, and these values may not be held by their partners. Sometimes problems can occur in a marriage that can result in divorce if left unchecked, and, over time, distance can grow between once loving couples. This article considers three essential steps that should be taken to help ensure that any divorce can be conducted with minimal amounts of stress and antagonism for the benefit of the couple and any children that may be affected.

Be sure that divorce is the best option

In America, statistics show that 40% of all marriages eventually end in divorce. The reason it isn’t more is that the first step people usually take is deciding whether divorce is the best option. It is of extreme importance that before any formal divorce proceedings take place the divorce itself is considered to be the best and most viable option for a married couple. Other avenues of reconciliation should be thoroughly explored before making this decision. To help you through this step, you should:

  • Talk

Couples should aim to talk about their problems and search for ways to solve any problems or issues that are jeopardizing the marriage. In addition, couples should consider seeking help from a marriage guidance councilor to try and work as a team to resolve any differences in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

  • Spend time with each other

Another option is to try and spend meaningful time with the spouse and undertake pleasurable activities together in the hope of rekindling any lost romance. It is by spending time with one another that you will be able to determine whether the marriage can still work or not. If you spend the entire time arguing, miserable, and wishing the time to be over, this provides you with some answers. If you find ways to reconnect and remember why you fell in love, you may be able to avoid it.

In short, it is crucially important to explore all possible avenues in an attempt to save the marriage before deciding divorce is the final option.

Hire an experienced solicitor

Once it has been determined that divorce is the best course of action, the next step is to find an experienced solicitor. Ideally, you will find a firm that has a dedicated team of divorce solicitors or one that has a solicitor who specializes in family law and divorce. Finding the right solicitor can make the difference between a quick and painless divorce and one that can take over a year to settle with increasing legal costs. When you have compiled a list of solicitors that seem suitable for your needs, it is important to have a first meeting with a solicitor to give a brief overview of the breakdown of the marriage and a general description of what is expected as the outcomes from the divorce. Many reputable solicitors will hold an initial meeting to determine if both client and solicitor can work effectively together, and this may be without any fee.

Keep proceedings amicable

While the nature of divorce is such that there tends to be ill feelings on behalf of both parties, it is important to keep proceedings as amicable and civil as possible. This is especially true when children are involved, as there will need to be agreements drawn up in terms of visiting rights and who gets custody of the children. Feelings of animosity and resentment should never be expressed in front of children as this can harm their psychological well-being. Wherever possible, all proceedings should be conducted with dignity and respect for the other parties involved.